Lillet Champagne Punch

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lillet and champagne punch - this is a light and refreshing summer drink


Recently, my husband and I have been slowly adding bottles to our bar to be able to make any drink we’d like. While he’s focused on adding different bitters, bourbons and vodkas- I have been trying some new aperitif wines and fruit flavored liquors ahead of summer. This Lillet Champagne Punch is a delicious, light and super easy to make drink that you’ll love sipping on as the weather warms up- and it’s a great use for some of the dessert wines and flavored liquors you have collected.

If you’ve never tasted Lillet, it actually has a few different varieties. I’m using standard Lillet because it is the easiest to find here in Colorado- but every type of Lillet I have tried is beyond delicious. If you have some Lillet Rose, I would maybe skip the Chambord, and opt instead for a bitters or something slightly spicy so it isn’t overloaded with sugary sweetness. Since Lillet white is fairly dry, it is beautifully paired with a sweeter fruit flavored liquor.

I’m calling for frozen berries to keep this drink cold without watering it down. I actually don’t add in bagged frozen berries- just place a handful of them in your freezer and dump them in your drink when it is ready. They will have more of their shape (bagged frozen berries always look smushed and crumble quickly- I’m all about the presentation here on such a pretty drink.)

Also- pick the type of champagne right for you. Lillet is slightly sweet, but if you prefer a really sweet drink, grab a sweeter champagne. If you like just a hint of sweet (like me), be sure to grab a brut.

This would be the perfect toast for a bridal brunch, wedding shower, garden party- or even at a fancy summer tea party. I hope you enjoy!

Lillet Champagne Punch
  • 2 ounce lillet
  • ½ ounce Chambord or other berry liquor
  • 3 ounces champagne
  • frozen berries, to garnish
  1. In a champagne flute, pour lillet and chambord.
  2. Slowly add icy cold champagne to mix, carefully so it doesn't bubble over.
  3. Add frozen berries to garnish and keep drink cold without watering it down!

Lillet and Champagne cocktail- this is a delicious drink that is perfect for summer nights!

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