Love With All Your Heart Free Valentines Printables

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love with all your heart free printable- 5 great watercolor colors!

With Valentines day quickly approaching, I’ve been trying to find some fun, easy and inexpensive ways to decorate this year. I’m always a big fan of printables because you can pop them in a frame, add them to decorative clipboards, or even scale down and use for greeting cards and notecards or gift tags. I wanted to add something fun and use a quote I hadn’t seen before- so I came up with a quick one of my own. These Love With All Your Heart Valentines Printables are absolutely free, and so chic for a gift to a friend!

love with all your heart printable- 3 lovely colors!
I love the raw feeling a watercolored font has on paper with simple, sweet messages. I think this is a perfect, sweet, and bold message for your friends and loved ones this valentines day!

These watercolor printables are so cute- perfect for valentines day!

The printables are sized at 8 1/2 x 11.  This means you can print it full sized- or shrink it down a bit to fit into a smaller frame or to use in a card template.

I also LOVE adding a few of these to a page to use as gift tags. Embellish with some washi tape and adhere it to a gift with a little twine for an effortlessly chic present!

For best results, print on high quality paper. I like cardstock for these- since it almost makes it look like the words were painted. A paper with a little texture will give this a luxurious, artistic feel! Of course, a matte or lustre paper works fabulously too.
Valentines Printables- 3 great watercolor options!

You can grab all of the 3 different colors by clicking below:

Download love with all your heart blue1.jpg Download love with all your heart charcoal.jpg Download love with all your heart purple.jpg

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  1. Hi Courtney. The team at Splendry is working on a roundup post of our favorite free Valentine’s Day printables! Can we include your “Love with All Your Heart” printable? We would like to use your photo and would link directly to your site. We plan to publish on February 1.

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate!

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