Make a Collage With Text in Picmonkey

Want a fun way to display your photos, or a less complicated, fast way to produce fun digital scrapbook ideas? Want a quick way to make a collage for a project on your blog, or even make an invitation for a party?

You can do it all…. for cheap. Without software on your computer. Really.

I’ve had a few people ask how I made the 30+ graphics for some recent posts on my other site, Craft Quickies. Well today I am going to let the cat out of the bag… I made them in less than 15 minutes with PicMonkey! (This post does contain affiliate links). 

So open up a new window on your browser, and let’s jump in!

First, head on over to PicMonkey

Click “create a collage”.

Pick a layout. You can chose from all sorts- in the header, I chose “L egant”, but notice you can even make a FB Timeline header, a collage similar to Pinterest or Etsy, or all sorts of layouts! You can also add more squares and change widths as you play around with your collage. Pull on the sides of each box, add an extra picture (even if there is no box shown to add it in), and it will resize automatically to fit your design!

Click each picture to move it within the box or enlarge or reduce it.

Above your collage, you’ll see a place to click “upload” where you can add the pictures you want to put in to the collage (I simply hit “auto fill” for these lovely garden inspired shots- but uploaded pics will show where you see the cute little pic of my family).

Pick your photos, and drag them to the square you want them displayed.

For a blank space for text as I am showing, just leave the spot blank, and click the X on that box.

Save your photo.

Go back to PicMonkey‘s homepage, and click “edit a photo”.

Open the collage you saved.

Now you can add all sorts of effects (see the menu on the far left? That opens up graphics, effects, and text. I’m just showing text in this tutorial- which is the P icon).

To add new text, click on “add text”. It will open a new image where you can add text, overlays, and other awesome effects!

I love usingPicMonkey for my photo editing- andYour chance to get PicMonkey, the best photo editing tool on the internet, for FREE is about to end. Get what’s good, people! Sign up now!

4 thoughts on “Make a Collage With Text in Picmonkey”

  1. Great tutorial. I use picmonkey a lot but still consider myself a beginner. I’ve admired other’s photos like this and now I know how to do it too. Pinning. Seen on Much Ado.

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