Make a Fairy Light Jar- That Actually Works!

fairy light decorations- perfect for weddings or outdoor parties! These are simple and easy to make- such a great idea!


Have you seen the lovely (but most likely photoshopped beyond belief) fairy light jar that is all over Pinterest?

Yea. It doesn’t work. Well, not in a way its meant to from the picture. At all.



So I set out to make a fun and pretty fairy light jar that DID actually work. And not use glow stick splatter. And was reusable. And cute.

Tall order, right?

Nope! It’s super easy. You’ll be making these for every party you can!

fairy lights in a jar- such a cute touch for an outdoor picnic, party or as wedding favors! And these actually work!


To make these pretty jars, you’ll need:

A mason jar with ring (you dont need the actual lid part)

A String of David Tutera fairy lights and batteries

a small circle of burlap, about 10″ diameter (you’ll end up trimming it more)

jute string


a handfull of fiberfill

hot glue


Start off by taping your fairy light battery pack on top of your jar’s lid ring, making sure the on/off switch faces down so you can reach it easily when you take the top of the jar off. You might want to use electrical tape if these will in use for a while in case the battery pack heats up.

On top of the circle or square of burlap you have cut out, pile a small amount of fiberfill. Hot glue a long strip of glue around the ring of the jar and set on top of the fiberfill. Press burlap over lid taut, securing with the hot glue. Add a string of jute as an accent around the top of the jar (you might want to glue it in place).

how to make a fairy light jar that is reusable (and actually works unlike that photoshopped one that has been going around pinterest)


These are gorgeous on long tables for outdoor dining, scattered across your patio, or even hanging like lanterns. They also make fabulous wedding favors! Maybe call them “lightening bugs”?

make a jar of fairy lights that actually work


You can find the David Tutera fairy lights at Michaels, JoAnn’s and other craft stores.

Make your own fairy lights- this one actually works, takes only minutes and is less than $10 for everything- Would be so great at parties or on a patio, or for a wedding!

7 thoughts on “Make a Fairy Light Jar- That Actually Works!”

  1. Thank you. I have been struggling trying to figure out how to make the battery pack less obvious. You provided the perfect solution.

  2. Loved your self-description! My mom’s black lab was named Angus, too–What’s that about? Black cows? I love design, but have been seriously in the world of geriatric nursing for some years. Am now beginning to step back a little with more time to sew, draw and create. Can’t wait! Loved your idea of the light jars. I have an outdoor chandelier for which they would be beautiful. Thanks!

  3. So happy that you were brave enough to try this Pinteresting project and to make one that Actually works! Thank You..will get mine going as soon as I find DT lights! 🙂 Thankful mother of a 4 yo!! 🙂

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