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One of my favorite holiday craft supplies is glitter. I love, love, LOVE glitter!

Only problem? My hubby is sick of glitter. No matter what you do, it gets everywhere. It is just as unruly as it is beautiful- we have glitter on plates, hands, kids faces, dog pillows, couches, in the carpet… everywhere! Whoops!

So to feed my addiction without angering hubby further, I have been obsessing over glitter in Photoshop. It is really, really easy to make your own glittered text, and today I am going to show you how {and provide a free download for some glitter textures I made myself from a glittered ribbon I photographed}.

First off, these directions, while easy to understand, require a little bit of knowledge with Photoshop. I first found glittered text through Pugley Pixel, and highly recommend checking out her tutorial (and awesome downloads- they are very, very affordable) for more complete information. I bought her glitter textures and use them all the time!

(if you have photoshop elements, please see instructions at the bottom of the post– however I do not have elements, so I am not able to help troubleshoot).


Ok, so let’s begin.


First off,you’ll need to download your textures and define each of them as a pattern. To do this, download the textures (link at the bottom of this post), and save it to your computer.

Open the file, and select the “select” tool in Photoshop.

Trace around the first pattern square you’d like to save.

Click “Image” and “crop”.

Click “edit” then “define pattern” and save the color to your Photoshop pattern menu.

Note: if your “define pattern” doesnt show up (like below, it isnt in bold), click CTRL+D to deselect the pattern and it should be available.


Next, you’ll need to design your page and add text.

For each different text group that your would like to have a different color/texture, please create a new text layer. For example, in this photo I am using 4 different colors, so each line is a separate layer.

One you are happy with your text placement and design (don’t worry- we will NOT be rasterizing the text, so you will be able to still make changes later), select the first layer you want to add texture to.

Click on “layer” in your menu.

Click “pattern overlay”.

tip: I suggest thicker fonts (I’ll have a roundup of my favorite glitter fonts later this week), and ones that do not look hand-drawn.

Select the pattern you’d like to use, and click ok.

That’s it- you now have glittered text!!!

I do sometimes find that the text doesn’t stand out as much as I’d like it to, so I will add a slight shadow or outline to the text.

To do that, you’ll click “layer” and “layer style” again, and then “drop shadow” or “stroke”.

You can play around with how thick, dark or spread out you’d like the outline (stroke) or shadow (drop shadow) to be in those menus. I usually keep the stroke at 1px and lower the opacity to around 40% or less or it seems a bit harsh for my personal taste.

As with all of my downloads, I strive to bring free quality content- but I need your help. Please share these by sending people to this post and asking them to download here. If you’d like to feature these on your blog, please use the image at the top of this post in full or request a watermarked image from me of the individual print you’d like. This helps me keep the great free stuff coming! 

These textures are free for personal use on your own blog, in scrapbooking or for cards. If you would like to purchase a digital license for these (along with a high quality PDF of each texture) for print, design or commercial purposes (anything you will sell), please contact me at [email protected] Designs are just $10 for unlimited usage, no credit required.

Download Glitter Textures JPEG

What will YOU use this glittered text on?

Photoshop Elements instructions for using a pattern overlay (please note I do not have photoshop elements, so I can’t help troubleshoot):


Load the image to which you want to apply an overlay.

Start Photoshop Elements 8. Select “File,” “Open.” In the dialog, open the image you loaded.Select “Layers,” “New Fill Layer.”

From the options, choose “Pattern.” A dialog will open.

Change the “Mode” from “Normal” to “Overlay.” Click “OK.” Another dialog will open.

Click on the “Pattern Picker” drop-down menu and make your choice. Adjust the “Scale” slider until you like the results. Click “OK.” Save your work.



If you love making glitter text, check out how you can also make a Chalkboard Effect in photoshop here!

40 thoughts on “Make Glitter Text in Photoshop”

  1. I was wondering where I could find your favourite glitter fonts? I searched for them, but couldn’t find them. Just wondering if they’ve been uploaded yet.

    Love the tutorial, though , it was perfect!

  2. Hi Courtney- I stumbled on your post, thank you! I am using Elements, and everything worked fine, except my glitter pattern layer has a line through it and the glitter pattern blurs slightly from the line. I’ve tried moving the layer and the line seems to repeat so that I can’t get a full clear glitter pattern on my text. Any advice? Thanks!

  3. absolutely work perfect on the Photoshop Elements 12!! thanks so much for sharing.. Thank you Sweet C’s Designs. Her instructions were perfect and no silly downloads to mess up my computer.

  4. Love this! Very easy to follow even for a Photoshop newbie.

    I can’t find the roundup of your favourite glitter fonts you mentioned – can you please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  5. First off, I am so glad I found you on Pinterest! Great stuff!! I am a volunteer coordinator for a nonprofit in New Orleans and am just now breaking into designing some of our fundraising and development materials. Do you or any of your lovely readers know how to do this exact same thing in InDesign? Thanks so much!! xo

  6. I just found your site from Pinterest and I am loving your tutorials! I love all things Photoshop and will definitely be following you! Great job on the glitter text tutorial, I often find that glitter made in Photoshop often looks cheap and very fake but your glitter looks very natural and realistic and without the cheese factor. 🙂

  7. Courtney, thank you for this amazing tutorial! I am a Photoshop newbie and have been scouring the web for help with glitter. Yours is, by far, the best! I am getting a little too obsessed putting glitter on everything I make. You totally rock!

  8. Any suggestions on printing? It didn’t come out so great on my home printer. If anyone else had luck printing somewhere, please let me know!

  9. I’ve done everything and it’s worked until I’m supposed to “set pattern.” It won’t let me do that. Can you give more details pretty please? 🙂 Thank you! I’m excited to use this!

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