Make an Infinity Scarf Out of Pyjama Pants

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How to make an infinity scarf from a pair of pants- this takes just minutes and is so stylish!

If you got a new sewing machine for Christmas- or just didn’t get all the stylish accessories you wanted, I’m over today sharing one of my favorite projects ever on the Cambria Wines blog- How to Make an Infinity Scarf out of pyjama pants! Or linen pants, as I have pictured here. White linen maternity pants I will never wear again and maybe shouldn’t have in the first place are all of a sudden incredibly sleek and stylish as this gorgeous winter scarf.

And the best part- you can make them in less than 20 minutes, and even without a sewing machine (though I do prefer to sew mine- no-sew works but may not be as sturdy over time).

These scarfs are stylish and warm, and go with everything- just like Cambria’s wines!


For winter entertaining, I love pairing Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir and Katherine’s Vineyard Chardonnay with delicious comfort foods like steaks, roast chicken, risottos and soups. I also like to try out interesting and unique pairings like burgers, chili and meatless meals!


To see how you can make a beautiful infinity scarf in just a few minutes with a pair of pyjama or linen pants, please head on over to Cambria’s blog. I can’t wait to share this awesome addition to my How to Make an Infinity Scarf series!

How to make an infinity scarf from a pair of pants

Don’t forget to see part one and part two of my infinity scarf 101 sewing tutorials to see how to make a scarf with a yard of fabric.
Make an infinity scarf from a pair of pyjamas or linen pants- this makes a great last minute gift!

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