Make Your Own Witch Shoes



make your own witch shoes


Have you noticed me partnering up with some of the cutest ladies around blogland? This month we’re back at it… and making all sorts of be-WITCH-y ideas for Halloween. To celebrate all things pointy hat and broom, we came up with a bunch of yummy treats, printables, decor and party favors to celebrate those wonderful wicked women… and I made my very own WITCH SHOES! With this tutorial, you can make your own witch shoes, too!


Please be sure to check out all the other fabulous witch inspired designs from the other lovely bloggers below, and be sure to scroll ALL THE WAY DOWN for a hauntingly awesome giveaway from Martha Stewart!

Ok, now lets get to making some sparkly shoes!

Witches shoes for #halloween - such a fun craft!


First, you’ll need a pair of old pumps. I found some brand new, never been worn gold pumps at goodwill for $2. Sold!

Next, grab some cardboard.You’ll make a tall heel “collar” out of two strips of cardboard, and a large V shape to give the front of the shoe a little wing.

I also cut out two long triangles to put in front of the shoe to make a point.

Using packing, washi, or painters tape, adhere the cardboard cutouts to the shoe. Mold and move the tape to look the way you’d like the shoe to finish- its a kind of improv paper-mache.

When you like the shape, coat the tape with mod podge to make it softer and smooth out any lines and bumps (like you would paper mache). Let dry.

When dry, paint shoe colors you will ultimately be glittering it. This helps to give the illusion of better glitter coverage since it sometimes can apply funny.

When paint is dry, “paint” over each area you’d like a certain color in mod podge or glitter adhesive, and add glitter. I added two purples silver and orange for a spooky look- but you could do any color you like.

Let dry, and you’re done!

make your own witch shoes using old pumps and tape!

And the BEST part of all of this?? The folks at Martha Stewart wanted to get in on the fun Halloween action and share their most recent Halloween magazine, a pumpkin witch’s caldron tutorial AND….an AWESOME giveaway of Martha Stewart Halloween crafts!

MS Halloween 2013 - cover image



Tools & Materials

• large pumpkin

• keyhole saw or serrated knife

• fleshing tool

• drill

• sisal rope

• 3 eyebolts, with washers and nuts

• 3 long, straight branches

• 20-gauge wire

• S hook

• outdoor stake light (with yellow or orange bulb)

• twigs

• sturdy glass bowl

• dry ice and protective gloves

  1. Cut top off pumpkin, using saw.
  2. Hollow out pumpkin with ?eshing tool.
  3. Drill 3 equidistant holes about 2 inches below opening.
  4. Cut 3 lengths of rope to hang pumpkin.
  5. Tie 1 end of each rope to an eyebolt.
  6. Push eyebolts through holes in pumpkin; secure with washers and nuts.
  7. Prop branches in a tepee shape, and secure at top with wire; thread wire inside top to hang S hook.
  8. Hide visible wire with rope. Knot pumpkin’s rope ends together, and hang from S hook.
  9. For “?re”: Insert stake light into the ground, and cover it with twigs. For “mist”: Put glass bowl with dry ice inside pumpkin; add some water. (Wear gloves when handling dry ice.)


Keyhole saw,from $5.50; natural sisal rope (65495), 3/8 inches by 50 feet, $9; eyebolt with nut, 1/4 by 4 inches, $0.50; cut washer, 1/4 inches, $2.50 for 25, fleshing tool, $4.50, Panacea 20-gauge paddle wire in Green, $3.50, Thomas and Betts stake light, $8, dry ice, for locations.

Photo by Lucas Allen. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Halloween Special Issue. Copyright ©2013.

THE BEST PART?! Now we’re giving away some AWESOME BOO-TIFUL Martha Stewart Halloween goodies! Enter to win all the goodies in the image below simply by following these amazing blogs below via Pinterest. Enter in Rafflecopter to win!

The Great Martha Halloween Craft Giveaway

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