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This silver and blue tote is super cute- and so easy to make!


Have you seen the awesome new Cricut Explore machine? It cuts vinyl, chipboard, paper, cardstock, and even felt and leather! How cool is that? I was thrilled when Cricut sent me one to check it out. I love making quick and easy crafts and wanted to make a fun design in the brand new Cricut Design Space (an awesome online application that lets you connect your explore so you can quickly and easily make your own designs, find community designs, or use Cricut designs). This modern floral design is simple and stunning- and can be placed on totes, shirts, bags, notebooks- anything you’d like to decorate in a snap. This Mod Flower Tote took me about 20 minutes active time, and I’m including the flower design download so you can make your own!

My team for the Cricut Design Star Round 2 chose a theme based on military inspired colors. I picked a navy blue and silver vinyl, but wanted to give it a little twist with a funky floral design that you can download and use, too! It’s hard to see in these photos, but the silver vinyl from Cricut looks fabulous against the blue. It shimmers like metal, and gives a beautiful hue that photos just can’t give justice to. Be sure to check it out in a craft store next time you’re there- its my favorite new vinyl!

quick and easy mod flower tote with metallic silver design!

For this tote, you’ll need:

1 tote bag

rit dye, optional (I used royal blue)

12×12 section of cricut iron on vinyl (I used metallic silver)

cricut cutting mat- 12×12 or 12×24

cricut explore

cricut design space

mod flower design download


First off, I dyed my tote blue because I really wanted the metallic vinyl to stand out.

I followed the directions on my package of dye to get a deep blue. Since different dyes have different instructions, please refer to the instructions on your box if dyeing.

When my tote was died, washed & dried, I added my mod flower design to the Cricut Design Space.

Center the design on a 12 x 12 area.

Cut a piece of vinyl to be 12″ x 12″ and add to cutting mat.

Load into Cricut Explore machine.

Set machine to “vinyl” setting.

In design space, click cut.

Remove mat from machine.

quick and easy mod flower tote with cricut vinyl

Carefully remove floral design from vinyl. I like to remove the background off, and then slowly peel the design off the vinyl backing.

decorate anything quickly with this mod flower design!

Lay onto tote, smooth and position perfectly.

Heat iron to temperature specified on your vinyl packaging.

Lay a towel over your tote and design, and iron, using the towel to help protect the vinyl from the heat of the iron.

Let cool.


That’s it! You could use any type of vinyl you need depending on the project- like a sturdy outdoor vinyl for a water bottle, a flocked vinyl for a more detailed design- the sky is the limit! You could also use this design to cut chipboard, fabric or felt for completely out of the box project ideas- the Cricut Explore and Design Space make designing fun and unique projects a snap!

Download modern flower tote.png


If you’d like to check out more military color themed inspiration from my Cricut Design Star team, please click through to see their amazing projects!


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