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 I am on a huge kick lately- my sewing machine is feeling a little neglected because I have shunned her for my new addiction- fabric mod podge. I know, I know, I posted last week about my new bestie- but you aren’t out of the mod podge woods yet- because today I have another fabulously easy and inexpensive craft using my miracle solution!

Today I am using Fabric Mod Podge and an inexpensive dish towel I found at Target (LOVE the chevron!!!) to dress up some $1 plastic bins I got in the Target dollar section. I am always looking for fun, adorable ways to dress up storage, and this is so incredibly easy, I am rounding up all the bins I can and scrounging through my fabric stash! Come and see how I made 3 for under $6 in less than 10 minutes!


First, measure your bin, and cut a strip of fabric from the dish towel to fit. You’ll want it to go just to the top of the bin (I let the lid remain exposed, but you could add another strip to the top to completely hide the bin’s color), and about 1/2- 1 inch underneath the bin.


Spread a generous amount of mod podge on the bin, and arrange the fabric, smoothing any bubbles, ridges, or lines as you go. When I cut the towel, I left the finished ends on so I wouldnt have to fold the ends over to get a clean edge.

I then tucked the excess fabric underneath the plastic bin and folded it in like a gift. Decoupage the fabric to the bottom of the bin.


You could also decoupage a flower, ribbon, or some chalk cloth onto the bin as an embellishment. I didn’t know if the mod podge would hold on super smooth plastic- but the bins are tough and the fabric has remained perfectly in place (even though little man found them in baby b’s room and has already tossed them around and broken them in). Not one slip- that stuff is strong!

What are some of your favorite ways to dress up plain storage bins?


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26 thoughts on “No Sew Covered Fabric Bins”

  1. Can not wait to try this and you also saved me from making a mistake on another project-did not know there is a FABRIC MODGE PODGE-have you thought of addind cording or trim around the edges that would be cute

    1. Julie,

      This stuff is miraculous! I didn’t add an edge to these, because I liked the pink and blue colors- but I have added them to some other bins, and it looks great! You can also wrap each side individually, starting at the bottom of the inside, and wrap around to the bottom of the bin to cover the inside of the bins.

  2. No way! This is so easy and so cute! I’m pinning this for future reference, as I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for cute, inexpensive ways to declutter my home.

    I found you via Tip Junkie’s 2/7 Tip Me Tuesday. So glad I did. I’ll be back for more. 🙂

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