{no-sew} Recycled Sweater Sleeve Cozie

Fall is coming- and I can’t wait for weekend afternoons, snuggling under blankets and sipping some hot apple cider. I am so in a fall frame of mind! I recently cleared out my closet of some old sweaters that I am absolutely kidding myself if I think I am ever going to fit in again, and decided to make some fun crafts out of them! This is my first time felting wool sweaters, and the results are awesome. If you’re ready to cozy up to some cool fall nights with a warm drink, break out a wool sweater, and make some fun no-sew cozies with me!

First, pick out some old sweaters and felt them. To do this, just toss them in the washer, on HOT, with plenty of detergent. After one cycle, if they are not substantially smaller (we are talking they should go from women’s sizes to kids sizes), run it through once more. Then toss them in the dryer, again on HOT.

Next, measure the length of cozie you’d like to make. I made some taller cozies to fit a mason jar, and some that are small enough to fit a mug (though I absolutely adore how they look on jars). Once you know how long you’d like your cozie to be, measure the sleeve, and cut!

Slide onto a mug or a mason jar, pour in some hot coffee or cider- and enjoy!

You can even add a little liquor if you’d like your cider to have an adult kick. My husband loves Leopold Bros. Three Pins Alpine Herbal liquor it adds a nice spicy flavor. If a kicked up version isn’t your thing, be sure to add some mulling spices, or a stick of cinnamon to kick up your cider!

You can also serve with a bowl of roasted nuts for an impromptu cider party!

So go grab some sweaters and make your own warm, fuzzy Sweater Sleeve Cozies today!

What is your favorite no-sew felted wool craft?

7 thoughts on “{no-sew} Recycled Sweater Sleeve Cozie”

    1. Thanks Adriane! You could also sew a simple ribbon to the front to make it a little fancier! They are perfect for keeping hands from getting too hot, and it is SO EASY!

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