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Every year, I dream of a fun, simple and gorgeous tree that has a coordinated theme in our living room- and is also kid-friendly. As a mom to two very active and inquisitive kids under five, pretty Christmas trees just weren’t something I thought I could have in our living room. I also have a hard time finding tree decorations that match both my style and my husbands- I love gorgeous, glittery, glamorous trees; while my husband loves the lure of nostalgic classic colors and retro looking ornaments.


Part of making a tree kid-friendly, but still gorgeous, comes with planning a color scheme that your kids will love- and that you can add touches of glamour to without anything feeling out of place. I headed to the Joann Fabric and Crafts floral department to find lots of inspiration for safe decorations for the tree- which also are great for filling in gaps in artificial trees.


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Poinsettias and decorative bulbs make for fabulous tree ornaments- and they are incredibly easy to decorate with! I simply remove them from their bunches (into individual strands) and place randomly across the tree. This helps the tree look fuller, gives some textural elements to the tree, and they are perfectly kid-proof!


I next filled in some of the other sparse areas in my tree with some sparkling branches and a few bunches of silver and gold onion grass. The glittery grasses and branches catch the light from your Christmas tree and make gorgeous glimmering displays- they are my favorite part of the tree!


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Next, finish off the look with some nostalgic colored bulbs and garlands. I chose vibrant strands of red, green, gold and blue – and filled in the tree with a set of ornaments that matched the colors in the two garlands. I like to add them all over the tree so there aren’t gaps- but be careful to not overdo it.


I finished my tree off with a gorgeous lighted star that went perfectly with the glittered floral accents, as well as the nostalgic feel of the ornaments.

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To make my tree look a bit taller in our large living room, I set two wooden crates on their side and secured them together. I the placed our artificial tree on top, and made a quick tree skirt out of some white burlap. It gives the illusion of the tree being taller, and fits our home’s casual, rustic décor! This trick is a fabulous way to make a tree fit into a tight spot in between couches, as well as giving for more room under the tree for presents. And when the holiday is over, you can use the crates to store decorations!


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This tree is incredibly quick to decorate and very safe for kids as it involves no breakable glass. It also pulled together my love for glamour, glitter and winter whites with my husbands love of bright, fun and nostalgic looking ornaments. They all work together to make a beautiful, simple tree that looks gorgeous in any home!

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