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Paint Chip and Paper Mache monogram- totally easy and such a fun and bright way to decorate!

I love paint chips- I always have. I have long sneaked through aisles of the hardware store, squirreling away pretty colors. I never really had a use for them, and I have to say the recent trend of paint chip crafting has me going batty with glee.

As many of you know, I am eagerly expecting the arrival of baby #2- a little girl coming any day now (I technically am not due for over a month, but because of some complications I will be welcoming baby B anytime from now until three weeks out). I have not done a whole lot with B’s nursery since I have been stuck on bedrest and little man has kept me on my toes through the whole pregnancy. (Who thought it was a good idea to have kids 19 months apart? I am insane…). 

The following craft, while completely easy, was a little time consuming- but I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! Read on to see how I turned a paper mache B into a lovely collage of paint chips, perfect for my little lady’s room!

First, I painted the large paper mache B. I prepped it with a sealer (essential unless you’de like to have to use 6 coats), and slapped down some white paint.

Next, I gathered some Mod Podge and a ton of paint chips.


I carefully cut out all lettering and monograms from the paint chips, and got to cutting what seemed like a zillion tiny squares. I paid no attention to making them uniform- I tried to get all sorts of sizes of chips.


I mod podged the chips on in any which way, trying to not have too many similar colors next to each other. For the curvy parts of the B, I glued down a chip and simply ran some scissors or an xacto knife around the edge that hung off to trim it to look like it was custom shaped for that part of the letter.

Let dry completely, then seal with a layer of Mod Podge. Finish with a layer of varnish for a lovely, smooth shine.

Grab a ribbon, and use to hang!

so cute- take a paper mache letter and add paint chips for a fun, bright and easy monogram to dress up a room. great for nurseries! #paintchips

Can’t wait to show off the whole nursery soon! (It is currently full of junk and painted green… hence the pallet background)



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8 thoughts on “Paint Chip Monogram”

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  2. Love your project! You know I have always done the same thing as you storing up my paint chips in a little color file. I make collage paintings with my paint chips. Glad to hear that others are using them now as well. 🙂

  3. That is adorable! Probably one of my favorite paintchip crafts I’ve come across! I love the colors you used for it too and the fact that you cut off all the lettering. It drives me crazy when people leave that on.

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