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Painted glass vase with Martha Stewart stencils   I have been in a creative funk lately- even though I should have all the inspiration in the world: a baby girl due in under two months, and ZERO decorations for the nursery to date. Well, little did I know all I needed to do to get my nursery inspiration, and out of my creative funk was to browse the new Martha Stewart craft endcap at my local Jo Ann’s. easy and beautiful- painted glass vase I stumbled across some lovely shades of multi-surface paints that I just HAD to have, along with some fabulous stencils. When I got home, I knew I wanted to paint something glass- and I just so happened to have a bunch of cheap IKEA glasses in my craftroom, just waiting to be turned into vases. With my lovely new paint and stencils, my glass, and about 10 minutes (plus drying time), I set to work on this beautiful little gem- the first decoration for little miss B’s nursery.  First, I found a color I loved for B’s room. I need to repaint the nursery, but I want a soft aqua color- just like this shade (Beach Glass), accented with a buttery yellow and pinks.

I have seen other bloggers who recently used these Martha stencils- but I haven’t had a chance yet, as my local Jo-Ann’s just started carrying her paint line. These small stencils are actually backed with adhesive- perfect for painting glass or tees with. I am not good at keeping stencils in place, and this does all the work for me! I actually bought a small bottle of stencil adhesive I saw, not realizing the stencils I purchased were backed already.

I was nervous after washing the paint off the adhesive would come off- but to my surprise, it was just as strong as ever when this craft was done! Love that! the supplies you need to paint a beautiful glass vase Once I picked my colors (couscous and beach glass satin paints), it was time to pick my stencil. All those little designs pictured came in just 1 package! That was tough, but i wanted something super simple.

First, I painted the inside of the glass with the aqua color. I did one coat, and while it was drying, I worked on the stencil on the outside of the glass. (I then applied another two coats of paint to the inside of the glass, about 15 minutes apart to ensure they had adequately dried in between coats- this paint dries fast!).

I just stuck the stencil on the vase, and positioned it against the grooves in the bottom of the glass so I knew I had a straight line. Using some brand new Martha stencil brushes (I usually use the sponge stampers, but thought these looked like fun- and Joann’s coupon commotion is the time to find new stuff, right??), I applied the yellow paint. I let it partially dry and removed the stencil so I could reposition it and paint the backside of the glass.

I washed the stencil in between applying it from the front side to the back side of the glass, just to ensure I didn’t get any extra paint on the glass that wasn’t intentional. paint a glass vase I read somewhere that if you let this paint “cure” for over 20 days, it is dishwasher safe. While I don’t ever intend on using it for consumption (hello, I painted the inside of the vase), it is nice to know you could use this on mugs, wine glasses, etc! easily paint a glass vase using martha stewart stencils   I tossed in some lovely blooms I found, and am so excited to finally have a piece I am excited to put in baby B’s room! First craft down, only like 400 more to go… 😉 . paint a glass vase- a lovely and inexpensive gift!

Have you ever painted on glass? What’s your favorite painted glass project?

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13 thoughts on “Painted Glass Vase”

  1. Hi Courtney, I love this! How did you paint this inside of the vase? Was it with a paintbrush or by putting a ‘glob’ of paint in and rolling it around? Just curious how you managed to fir your hand and a brush in the vase…

    1. Meagan- I just painted it with a brush- the vase I used was actually a drinking glass from ikea- so my hand fit just fine!

      I didn’t know about the swish method when I used this- it might be easier- but with two coats of Martha’s all purpose paint it was smooth and streak free.

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