Pin-Tested: Vintage Trailer Pincushion

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I absolutely love vintage campers. They are so adorable and incredibly charming, and I am more than a little addicted to new modern interpretations of the little cuties.

So when we profiled this little cutie over on Craft Quickies a while ago, I had to have my sewing sidekick extraordinaire (aka: my momma Chris who is also a contributor to Craft Quickies) put this pin-worthy pincushion to the test to try it out and see how well it turned out.

Here is the pin-speration, a “Glamper Pinchushion” from The Quited Fish for Riley Blake Designs (only the contributor to my favorite fabrics ever!!!!):

Mom picked out a funky owl bandanna she found at a thrift store as the theme for her little camper, and accented with some bold orange and black and white prints.

Our Verdict? LOVE!! This is an awesome project for ambitious sewers, and even someone with basic skills and a little patience will be able to get a beautiful pincushion out of this tutorial.

Our Changes? Mom did change out the fabrics, and she also skipped adding jewels onto the tires- instead she painted the toy wheel blue in the middle.

While this little project took a bit longer than mom originally planned (she thought she could knock it out in under 30 minutes, but it ended up a tad closer to an hour), the directions on the Riley Blake Designs site were thorough and pretty easy to follow.

While I was really looking forward to using this as an actual pincushion, my wheel-loving two year old quickly snapped it up, and then decided it would be a perfect toy for his little sister. Guess he wants to share his love for cars with baby B- but she has taken quite a shine to it.

I fumbled around with it for a minute and decided it was a safe toy, with supervision, for baby B, since there aren’t small parts. If she took apart the wheels I’d want to get the dowels away from her, but outside of the button, there aren’t any bits she could pull off and choke on (I am going to replace the button with a white circle fabric applique so it has the same look). If you wanted something kid-safe, you could also skip the button and leave the jewels off the wheels as well.

What are some projects you’ve tested that you found on Pinterest lately? Have a craft you’d like us to test? I’d love to see them!

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