Pizza Hearts for Valentines Day

Easy valentines pizza hearts that your little ones will love (and wont take forever to make)

Love is in the air… and red, pink and heart anything is all over Pinterest.

So when I had to make lunch for our little group, I decided to make something festive to get the kiddos in the loving spirit, and shaped pizza was the perfect fit. Because really… what kid doesn’t love pizza? And shaped anything? You have a home run in our house!

Run on out to your local store and grab a couple easy ingredients and you’ll be having some delicious valentine worthy pies in no time!

You’ll need:

-Pillsbury or other roll out pizza crust

-Pizza Sauce

-Mozzarella Cheese

-Spinach, Mushrooms or other toppings

-a heart shaped cookie cutter

how to make heart shaped pizza

First off, roll out your dough and cut heart shapes out of it. Simply wiggle the cookie cutter around a little for a clear cut.

When you lift the dough up to place it on the cookie sheet, it might warp the shape a bit. No worries- just shape it into a great little heart, and toss it in the over at 350 until slightly browned.

Remove when browned and add sauce, cheese and any toppings (TIP: I add spinach under the cheese to my little man’s pizza- he gets veg, and has no clue. Gobbles it right up!) and back at 350 until cheese is melted, bubbly and slightly browned.

I set out the pizzas on a platter with a ton of delicious fresh fruit, threw down a big plastic table cloth on our dining room table, and placed kraft paper , play doh and crayons across the table…. which kept our little ones happy, full, and entertained.

SUCH an easy and fun playgroup lunch!
heart shaped pizzas for a playgroup snack

What are your favorite Valentines themed meals?

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