Pooh Party Hunny Bag Toss

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Did you see the little Pooh Party I threw for little man’s 2nd birthday?

It was a huge hit, and I am glad we incorporated so many homemade touches, including our games- pin the tail on eeyore and a Hunny Bean Bag toss.

Using Elmer’s trifold boards, we were able to make some fun, creative games (that were easy to transport from our house to my husband’s Grandparent’s farm) that were absolutely adorable!

Here’s how we made the lovely little Hunny toss:

First, my mom cut a hole out of the board, and traced a big oval around it to be a bear’s head.

She then drew on some earsm eyes, and a nose, and painted it yellow with black facial features. She lined the round hole red for the bear’s mouth.

She then painted on a few buzzy bees to compliment the game!


Next, taking some light canvas, my mom cut out one long rectangle and folded it in half, sewing up the sides. She filled them with rice, and sewed up the top to seal the bean bags. She didn’t turn them inside out because we really liked the rustic look of having the seams showing and the edges fraying.

She painted a small yellow circle on each bean bag, and then wrote “hunny” on them with a black sharpie.

That’s it- an adorable game in less than 20 minutes start to finish! (minus drying time)

We had so much fun tossing hunny into Pooh’s mouth, we still have the game set up in little man’s room so we can play everyday! He’s starting to get really good.



What are your favorite homemade party games?

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