Super Easy & Quick Peony Lampshade

I love Pottery Barn Kids. I am an addict. If you step into my son’s room, you will notice just about everything he has is from PBK- from his lamp, nightlight and stuffed animals to his bedding. Love it.

Unfortunately, since I am no longer working now that I am a full time mommy, I don’t have the lovely paycheck that used to feed my PBK addiction. So when I saw this little beauty, and I knew I HAD to have it for Baby B’s nursery, I got creative and decided to make my own. Oh, and because I already had a white candlestick lamp base, it cost me $80 less.

To recreate this lampshade, I picked up an adhesive coated lampshade at JoAnn’s for $15 (but used a 50% off coupon-score!), as well as two bushes of peonies, in pink and white (found in the floral section). I needed just a few more flower heads to round out the bunch, and found some great inexpensive peonies at IKEA. Since their stock for flowers is sometimes seasonal and rotates more than other IKEA stock, you may have to see what they have in person. I’ve usually been able to find peonies to be readily available.

When I got them home, I snipped all of the flowers as close to their bases as possible with wire cutters, so they would lay flat and be easier to glue.


Then, I took a whole lot of hot glue, and glued them to the paper coating of the lampshade. I glued the base of the flower, as well as some of the outer petals to the shade so there wouldn’t be much white peeking through.

The adhesive coated lampshades do come ready to decorate, but I figured I would leave the paper coating on, so that later if I get sick of this lampshade (is that possible??), I can just take the paper off, and cover it with a fabric without having to buy a new shade. (Yes, I am really that cheap. Deal with it.)

Fill your lampshade, and place on the lamp! Yep, it is that easy! And a far cry from the retail price of $99 for the shade alone.

PBK inspired peony #lamp- so easy to make!

Stay tuned for more of my nursery reveal! I have a bunch of decor I can’t wait to show you- Baby B’s new digs are so lovely. We even have a little daybed in there- I might just move in with her, if she doesn’t mind!

Love the nursery paint color? I actually had it specially mixed for me, based off of Martha Stewart’s “sea glass” multi-purpose paint. If you’d like to learn how you can re-create the vase pictured here, please see my painted glass vase tutorial. And the “love” picture frame on the table? It can be purchased here. My mommy makes them, so you should totally buy one.

I love Pottery Barn Kids, and love to shop there often. They have fabulous designers who come up with brilliant ideas. While I am showing you how to re-create this look, don’t make these to sell in your shop, okay? It is one thing to be inspired by someone in decorating your own home- but don’t make money off of stealing someone else’s time and talent. It just isn’t cool.

29 thoughts on “Super Easy & Quick Peony Lampshade”

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  2. Wowww. Yours is way better than the PB one. Yours look fuller and much more prettier. Nice work!!!

    I love the fact that you can do this one over when you want a change. That’s being practical.

  3. Wowww. Yours is way better than the PB one. Yours look fuller and much more prettier. Nice work!!!

    I love the fact that you do this one over when you want a change. That’s being practical.

  4. YOUR lampshade looks so much nicer than the PB one! Their’s looks tired and wilted, yours is so lucy and full! Great job!

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  6. Oh I love this! I actually like yours much better than the PBK one. Yours is much more colorful, & I love that your base is more detailed. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to try it out myself!

  7. This is so beautiful, and I will be pinning it! And I’m on my way to Joann’s to pick up some flowers and a shade! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. This is so cute! We are re-doing my daughters room now I think I may do this to put in her room. Thanks for the great post!

    Visiting from Whimsically Homemade!

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