Quick and Easy Talking Pumpkin Signs

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have fun with #halloween- make these super cute talking pumpkin signs at! Make great party decorations or pre-carving pumpkin decor!


Did you see my faux milk glass pumpkins the other day? They are probably my favorite new Halloween decor staple- but I wanted to dress them up a little bit without carving them. I wanted them to be fun and colorful, and have a great temporary accessory- so I came up with these Quick and Easy Taking Pumpkin Signs!

These are such a fun addition to any pumpkin- like the ones you keep on your doorstep but haven’t carved yet ahead of Halloween. They can greet guests, say trick or treat, or whatever you’d like! I made mine a little cheeky to greet guests in a colorful way. Best part- you’ll just need 3 cheap supplies to make them.

For your own Quick and Easy Talking Pumpkin Signs, you’ll need:

-Wooden Speech Bubbles (I grabbed these wooden signs on Pick Your Plum, but you can find some at your local Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or JoAnns. )


-A Sharpie Marker.


Take your wooden signs and paint them fun, bright colors- or switch it up and paint it with some chalkboard paint.

When dry, write your greeting on them with a Sharpie (or chalk), and affix onto the pumpkins! I used a square of double sided tape, but you could use a command strip or other tacky substance.


What would you have your pumpkins say?


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