Quick and Easy Tree Ring

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Quick and Easy Tree Ring- under 30 minutes to a gorgeous yard update!

How to make a quick and easy tree ring to help your curb appeal in an instant- this project is a fabulous way to add pops of color and make your tree base look clean and tidy! 


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We’ve been working on fixing up our yard for summer and to get it ready to be listed, and we’re trying to find some great, easy fixes for our yard to make it pop. One of the things I have been meaning to do for a while- but never really had the time to get around to- is build a small tree ring to clean up the base of a tree in our front yard, and add a little garden area around the base. It had previously been covered with a weed mat, but grass and weed made its way through, and I needed a nice way to clean up the space quickly!


This project is a very easy, beginner level task you can get done in under an hour- and it is a fantastic way to up your curb appeal and Express Yourself! For more project ideas, check for lots of outdoor inspiration!

Plain and boring tree base before- love the hack to make this pretty!


To make your own tree ring, you’ll need: 

11-12 paver stones, depending on the size ring you’d like

2 large bags garden soil

weed paper


Weed blocking paper and pins


Miracle Grow

Set ring and prep for flowers


First off, you’ll need to set the cement bricks around the tree. I used 11 blocks and wedged them in tightly together. If this was for a firepit or I was stacking more than one layer, I would have sealed the ring off and adhered them together- but as it’s just one level, I just placed them in tightly.


Spray grass killer and tarp off


Next, I laid down weed paper to seal off the area I sprayed the grass and weed killer and keep them from growing back up through the new garden area. Since I used a plastic (non-breathable, non-permeable) weed tarp, I went ahead and added soil right over the grass and weeds. If you’re using weed paper that allows water to seep in, you’ll want to wait a few hours so you don’t roundup new plants!


Pin the weed paper down and tuck it under the paver stones.

Tarp off base with weed killer paper

Fill with dirt and add plants.

To get my new flowers really growing, I added some Miracle Gro to keep the flowers nice and pretty just like from the store! I find that a little Miracle Gro helps my flowers look great long after planting, and helps them not droop from planting stress!

Awesome weekend project- a quick and easy tree ring!


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