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Ok, so you might have noticed a trend.

Easy, quick food has become routine in our household. Unfortunately, I end up eating the foods I put out for Mr. Picky Eater Supreme (aka my two year old). My waistline is tired of looking pregnant 5 months after having a baby- so I’ve been trying to make changes. But easy meals have been winning out far too often.

That’s why I was really excited to try out a diet delivery service, Diet-to-Go.

I’ve tried lots of diet foods- but this one was totally different. It comes to you in a vacuum packed container- not a box. You reheat and eat- like other convenient diet foods- but it doesn’t taste over processed, fake, or weird. It is real food, portioned and planned, made easy.

Diet-to-go was recently rated the #1 diet delivery service by Epicurious, and 3 unique menus(low-fat, vegetarian & low-carb) and 20 plans to choose from.


I signed up to try out the low-carb meal options because that fit my family’s diet trends better. Hubby and I have tried to go paleo again after B was born, but it is a very expensive diet, so we’ve slacked a bit. Diet-to-Go actually is less expensive than most people end up spending on grocery shopping- and unlike other diets, you don’t have to buy additional food- so it is affordable for those looking to lose.

The breakfasts, I am not going to lie, creeped me out a bit until I ate them. Something about premade eggs- I am a bit of a picky person when it comes to eggs, to say the least- BUT, they were delicious! I love that they included bacon or sausage (yum!!!) and veggies with breakfast that weren’t slimy or disgusting. I am not a huge veggies for breakfast person, but the protein packed meal was really delicious, and a great way to start a day. I am starting to rethink not including greens in my morning meals- because they just make sense and are filling in the morning.

The lunches and dinners- scrumptious! The roasted pork had spinach with a morel mushroom sauce. My hubby and I fought over who got to eat it, it was so good!

There was a chicken bacon “burger”, beef fajitas, chicken tenders, roast pork tenderloin, cheese omelette, spinach frittata… I didnt have to make them, they were delicious, and healthy! Oh man, can I get another week? 🙂

The beef stir fry was my favorite, hands down. The asparagus they teamed with it was great, but man- I could eat that beef stir fry for every meal. SO GOOD- and look at all those veggies!

 Want to try out Diet-to-Go for yourself? Enter to win a weeks worth of food delivered right to your door!

To find out more about Diet-To-Go, please visit:


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