Reusable Glitter Moustache Stickers

I am really really excited to share tonight’s craft with you. Not only does it combine two of my favorite craft trends (glitter and moustaches), it has a personal meaning to me. You can use the method I am showing to make any kind of shape- but there’s a special reason I picked moustaches (other than how insanely fun they are and how much I like to say moustache).

I know, you are thinking moustaches… what the heck can that mean? And when I tell you its for my dad, you might be even more confused. He’s clean shaven… has been ever since my brother was born (and since I can remember).

So what is the moustache connection? MO-VEMBER!

You may see a bunch of people sporting some wicked moustaches in November… or as it has been reclaimed “MOvember”… all for prostate cancer. My dad has been cancer free since 2005- but prostate cancer, like breast cancer, especially the kind my dad (and my sweet Grandpa) had, has a strong genetic link. So someday, my brother and my sweet little man might also be impacted by prostate cancer. I take it very, very personally.

So this year, to get in a festive mood ahead of the holidays, I wanted to make some fun moustache stickers to adorn glasses. I wanted them to be glittery and reusable, and I wanted to test out a method to make reusable stickers that I found on accident using fabric mod modge.

Read on to have your mind BLOWN. This craft is super easy, you’ll be making reusable stickers all the time for every occasion!

First off, start with some light colored, thin fabric. I am using cotton muslin.

Cut out a square, and coat one side thoroughly with fabric mod podge. Let dry- about 1 hour.

Next, cut out a shape. To make a moustache, I folded the fabric in half and just free handed a little line with a handlebar. (Below is a picture of how I did it showing some blue paper- the light muslin was hard to see in the pic)

Your fabric will stick to itself when you fold it- just give it a tug and it will pull apart.

Lay out your moustaches on a smooth, shiny surface. I have a metal mat I use for projects like this- easy to clean up and slide glitter off of.

Coat the top side (the non-podged side) with a thick layer of mod podge. Sprinkle glitter all over the moustache, and let dry for at least 1/2 hour. Gently go over the top once more with a paintbrush and some mod podge to seal the glitter even more.

Once dry, peel off the mat and adhere to glasses.

I absolutely love these for wine glasses and plain white mugs. Wouldn’t these be adorable as drink markers at a party? You could make different colored stickers or different shapes for each guest’s drink.

To find out more about Prostate Cancer, and the Movember Movement- please visit

For mens health statistics, indluding a lot of information about prostate cancer, click here.

The information in this post is 100% NOT COMPENSATED, in any way. I am passionate about spreading awareness about prostate cancer and helping our Grandfathers, Dads, Brothers and Sons healthy. Please join me!!

11 thoughts on “Reusable Glitter Moustache Stickers”

    1. I know, right Alana? Here’s an awesome tip though- you can use pretty fabric, too- without sparkles! I am going to do some soon like that. I love the glitter but it is addictive to make fabric stickers!

    1. Thanks Mary Beth! It is hard to get men motivated to go to the doctor- especially for something like prostates! I’m glad someone thought up such a fun way to help spread awareness. They do pub crawls, events, contests- so cool!

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