Rug Stencil Made Easy with Vecco- Win a Kit!

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I was recently given a chance to check out Vecco, a new and completely cool way to transform your home.

Vecco has a revolutionary system that allows you to stencil rugs- either with your own design or one of their kits. They have a ton of awesome colors- from bright and fun to warm and neutral to fit your decor in every way. You can also buy blank stencils and cut your own design if you don’t love theirs.

You might be wondering… paint a rug? It is my favorite new trend- so much fun and such a great, inexpensive way to update a room with some color and design. And I know you are also wondering how painted rugs would feel. Well, if you paint them with paint- they feel a bit funky. Vecco spray is different- it is more like a color stain powder that feels like a RUG. Not crunchy or weird.

I was given a welcome kit to review.. which included a rug, two colors of paint and two cans of sealant, three monogram stencils, and a stencil with three flourishes on it.

So the idea is you get to create your own style. The stencils come with ruler lines printed on them, so you can lay them out and measure where to put them- or create a tape grid to line them up with if you’re super into symmetry.

Seeing as how I am not really into all the extra work, I just plopped the stencils on the rug, lined the two monogram stencils at the same place on the sides of the rug, and placed the middle monogram in the middle. When they were dry (about 1 hour), I added a flourish in between each monogram. SO EASY!


I LOVE that you can vacuum up the paint if you mess up. I did mess up (see below), and I thought this was awesome! I messed up over three times on the same rug, and the paint came right up. You can do this as many times until you get it right until you spray your design with sealant. SO cool.

If you were making a design using painters tape, Vecco’s paint sprayers are FANTASTIC. I did just a small section of another rug to test this, and it looked amazing. I am going to order some fullsize cans of paint in different colors for some geographic patterns I have in mind.

Besides curated kits, Vecco offers individual stencils and paint, as well as rugs that are designed to work with the stencils. If you have a rug you’d like to use, it is no problem- just check their handy guide to be sure it is a good fit (some materials work better than others). The stencils aren’t flimsy little plastic sheets- they are thick, sturdy and have an absorbent carpet-like texture.

I think I am going to buy a bunch of these blank stencils and cut some greek key or turkish design shapes, because they would be fabulous. I love that the blanks still have guidelines so you can quickly and easily measure (if you are lazy like me and don’t want to tape and measure!!).

I did run into a few small problems with the system:

-The first kit they sent was missing a stencil. No big deal- I wrote to them to let them know. I got it TWO days later. That is exceptional customer service- I have never had something fixed so quickly. I was totally impressed.

– I am a little overzealous with the spray. I wanted it to look picture perfect right away and had a bit of a heavy hand. This lead to some gloopy messes, and I had to start all over. (Again- how cool is it that you can vacuum up messes?). To avoid this, I just tried using a lighter touch on the sprayer, and I held my stencil down securely in place so the paint couldn’t get underneath.

You could also tape your stencil down. I’d also recommend placing something above all of the sides of the stencils (cardboard works perfectly) to make sure you don’t overspray. I did have a few times where I sprayed outside the stencil area- which again wasn’t a big deal, because I just vacuumed that part up- but you could avoid that step by laying down something over the areas of your rug not being stenciled.

-Because I am overzealous, I ran out of paint more quickly than I would have expected. The can I got with the welcome kit can do three heavy applications of paint based on my stencils. This won’t be a problem if you take your time and do it right- but if you get too excited and spray too much paint, the can size that comes with the welcome kit isn’t going to get you more than three applications.

-I also picked a kind of plain kit to review and I wish I had gone for something more fun! I love monograms (and I am going to use this stencil kit again- likely on a duvet cover or pillows for my bed)- but these kits are SERIOUSLY fun, and I wish I picked something more fun like the ginko flowers or dots and circles because I got so many ideas for cool designs as I was painting my rug. Good thing Vecco is very affordable.

Overall, I think Vecco has an amazing product and can definitely recommend it to my fabulous readers! I’m so excited about these fun rug kits, I have one for a reader to win. That’s right- you can win your own welcome kit and test out Vecco for yourself!


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Disclosure: I was given a welcome kit to review and one for a reader to win by Vecco- but 100% of my opinions are true and my own.

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  1. This is such a freaking awesome idea!!! I love the one two tree and ginkgo designs. So many combinations if you were to buy the different stencils!

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