Rustic Glam Christmas Office Decor

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Love this festive office!

I’ve been so excited to share some glimpses into our new home- the 1970’s farmhouse my husband’s grandfather built. My inlaws recently had it renovated and asked us to come move in- they live in a small mother-in-law cottage on the property, and my husband’s great grandma, who has alzheimers, lives in the big farmhouse with us. It has been a big change- and so great to be so close to his family.

And my office. MY OFFICE. It is amazing. Our whole house is beyond gorgeous (I love all the cool old touches like antique stoves, exposed brick walls, and so many antiques we’ve incorporated into our decor which I will be sharing this week)- and my office is one of my favorite places in the new home. Especially with this amazingly gorgeous rustic and vintage inspired Christmas decor!

Can it be Christmas all year??

Love this rustic glam office for Christmas- the metallics and vintage inspired touches are so cute!


I love walking down store aisles at Christmas, too. I love seeing new Christmas decorations- and with a new office space at our new house, I wanted to find some new and unique decorations to create my own vintage inspired Winter Wonderland in my office!

Love this festive office!

I love a combination of vintage inspired items with rustic and modern twists- which can be hard to combine all in one space- so I picked a soft color palate of golds, rose golds, and light blues with a few natural elements and mixed metals to help make everything flow together well. I love the way my space turned out with things I bought from the Joann Craft and Fabric stores Christmas aisles!

My office is a bit of a midcentury mash-up, with parquet floors and an amazingly gorgeous wood burning stove. It’s really unique, so I wanted to put up a small tree in the space and adorn the area with lots of rose gold, turquoise, gold, and some mixed metals to make everything shine.

I love this rose gold and teal christmas tree- so glamorous!

I went with a big package of gold balls in different treatments (some glittery, some opaque, some shiny) to fill up my tree, and found some gorgeous vintage-inspired ornaments to fill it out.

I like to fill up Christmas trees first with small ornaments to make them feel balanced, and then add in large statement pieces as I go to finish off a look or theme. This helps your pieces really stand out, and makes your tree look even.

love this retro glam glass ornament from Joann Fabric and Craft Stores!

Also be sure to vary up colors, textures, and patterns when buying ornaments and decorating a tree for a bold look that is interesting. I like to stick to a few colors that are softer (like this light blue/teal, rose gold, and gold pairing) and then I can get wild with shapes, glitter, and textures while making things still seem cohesive.

How gorgeous is this ornament_


I also grabbed some birch logs to add to a galvanized bucket (not for burning- they are so cute stacked nicely by the fire!) and battery operated candles to give the space a bright glow.

Love this office!

As I’m still unpacking and haven’t figured out exactly how I am going to use all the space in my office yet, I’ve been excited to add Christmas decorations to help give my room a shape until I have all of my permanent décor in. I placed a few silver trays with glitter cone trees and some fun bottle brush trees all over the room where I had large shelves and none of my decorations that usually go on them unpacked. I love it so much, I wish I could just decorate for Christmas year round!

Simple metallic Christmas decor- perfect for a minimalist or retro area!

What are some of your favorite trends to decorate with at Christmas?

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  1. What a wonderful office space! I love the combination of elements you’ve chosen. It’s a room that does look like it should be decorated for Christmas all year! Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday. I’ll be including your Christmas office in my Snickerdoodle Special Feature Post, Home for the Holidays, on Wednesday.

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