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With a last name like O’Dell, you’d better believe we are huge fans of St. Patricks day in this house. To start your St. Pat’s decorations early, I created a fun little printable of one of my favorite irish blessings (one of the priests at our wedding actually said this blessing for us just before we left the church).

This is a fabulous blessing to print and give to a friend or display as a part of your Irish decor this spring!



I absolutely love this irish blessing- and I hope you do as well! We have one hanging next to our front door, so visitors can see it as they leave. I love the sweet sentiment!

To download this printable, please visit my Google Documents. If pinning, please DO NOT pin or link directly to that site, but rather send visitors here. That helps me keep Sweet C’s running and able to share my original designs.

st pat blessing

7 thoughts on “Irish Blessing Printable”

  1. I also cannot find the link to download this. I would love to print it and send it to my best friend. Thanks!

  2. Hi Courtney, I’d love to download (and share) your Irish Blessing printable, but it would appear that you didn’t actually link into your site, so I can’t actually access this printable. Am I just silly and missed the link?

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