Sewing Table Turned Party Cooler & Drink Table


sewing table turned cooler and drink table in a few easy steps




Last year, I was all about aqua and pink. I was decorating my sweet baby B’s nursery and I took an aqua-pink theme and completely ran away with it.

So in planning B’s 1st birthday party (mind blowing….), I wanted something aqua to stand out as a centerpiece of the affair.

I have some cute IKEA aqua furniture I was thinking of using for displays, but then realized I had an old sewing table I had been meaning to do something with.
Cooler and drink table out of an old sewing table #party #drinktable

A funky, drab, boring old sewing table that my mom snagged at consignment shop for something like $40, and then she passed it on to me. It was painted a horrible forest green, in thick acrylic paint.

I had spray painted white to prime it, and then left it in my garage for weeks, forgotten, until I had a good use for the table. B’s upcoming party was a perfect excuse! I knew I wanted it to function as a serving table, but wasn’t sure how. Then it hit me: turn the empty, hollow inside of the table into a cooler- the flip-top would make a PERFECT serving table/drink station!

Here’s the table, sitting in my garage, roughly primed: (i took the handle off)


old sewing table

And here’s the inside/flip-top of the table- ugly.

ugly old sewing table

To start, I spray painted the whole table a lovely turquoise/aqua color. Since the table itself was already primed, I focused most of the spray paint on the inside of the flip-top. As this was some weird enamel, I had to do multiple coats of paint so that it wouldn’t crack or drip. And yes- I did ghetto spray paint my lawn. It’s dead anyways, right??

I also spray painted the handle white (it was a funky gross gold), and instead of doing multiple coats, I stuck with one so a little bit of the tarnished gold peeked through. I loved the rustic feel!

painting an old sewing table



When the table had dried, I brought it inside and took out the electronics that came with it (it had an old vintage electric panel that was screwed in- there was no way I’d use that ancient wiring, so I just unscrewed the component from the table).

I then grabbed an unused roasting pan lid (a big heavy one that is big enough for a turkey), and placed it in the table lined up with the opening.

I then measured out a piece of wood- any scrap plank thicker than 1″ and 3″ wide will do- and had my husband screw it in to the sides of the table (anyone can complete this step- but I had him do it so I could take pics!!).

He screwed them into the tables legs so the roasting pan lid would be securely set inside the table.


secure roasting pan in sewing table by attaching a bar across the bottom


We flipped the table over, and filled the pan with ice.

sewing table turned cooler


Then you can add in sodas, juice boxes, bottle of wine or booze- whatever you are serving!

Add cups and straws, mason jars or even snacks off to the side for a chic and stylish alternative to your typical party cooler!

turn an old sewing table into a cooler

How about a milk and cookies bar? Or a scotch bar? Margarita bar? Mix your own juice bar….. I could go on for days!!!

cooler and serving table out of old sewing table

The best part is the flip top that old sewing tables have built in. They work perfectly as serving tables, as a lid to keep your drinks cold pre-party, and when you’re done, you can dump out the ice and close the top, and you have an oh-so-adorable side table!

Stay tuned in a few months to see this little beauty in action at Miss B’s 1st Birthday- I am DYING thinking she’s almost a year old. Where the heck did that go?

What is your favorite party furniture? I’d love to see it!

turn an old sewing table into a cooler and drink table- this is GENIUS and perfect for parties! Go hit up garage sales to find one of these and make your next party perfect!


44 thoughts on “Sewing Table Turned Party Cooler & Drink Table”

  1. Love this! In the process of making one myself! Quick question.. How do you get the ice and water out? Since there is a wood overhang above roasting pan lid, won’t that get wet and eventually go bad?

  2. I really like this project and would like to make one. How supportive would you say the flip open lid is? Would you use it simply for cups or could it hold something heavier like a full pitcher?

    1. It just depends on the table. For mine, I’ve been able to put really heavy stuff on it, but it is a really steady, firm table. Also, be sure to have enough weight in the tub, or it can tip!

  3. I love this idea . I have 3 of these tables. One was passed down ,1 was a yard sale find for 5$, the other I found on the side of the road someone was throwing it away!! I’m gonna do this and I have an old fridge drawer I think might work . Thank you for the great idea. My husband calls me a furniture horder wait till he sees this. He may even start help me find ” junk” lol

  4. I’ve been looking for a way to use a freebie sewing table sitting in the garage.

    One question: the pieces of wood supporting the lid – are they secured from front to back to create a ledge?

    I love this and the colour is perfect!!

  5. Awesome idea! I have pinned it and shared it on my FB!
    I have a sewing table but not quite like that! I have passed sewing tables many times at thrift stores not knowing what to do with the weird “hole”! You are so creative!
    Have fun at your baby’s party!

  6. Wow, I love it! Looks fabulous, and what a great idea! I have a sewing machine that I still use in a table like that, hand me down from my mother-in-law, but I’ve pinned this for when it bites the dust. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Debbie 🙂

  7. Super idea! Going to start one as soon a the weather gets nice. I am going to try to figure out a way to usea small cooler instead of a roasting pan and also, to have the bottom open to be able to take it out to clean it and drain it.

    1. Lori- what you’ll want to find is one of those plastic basins from the hospital (the ones they wash newborns in or hand you when you need to puke). It’s the perfect size! You can then drill a hole in it and keep a cork in it or a rubber stopper when needed. That was my original plan but the basin I had I couldn’t find anymore (and I had to get the post up right then to enter the crafting with the stars contest with it), and I wanted something sturdier for heavy bottles for a wine tasting.

  8. This is so smart! Now I’m thinking of all the sewing tables I’ve passed up at the thrift stores. Never again! I need something like this for my porch.

  9. This is a fabulous idea! I love the color, but really love the fact that I have a similar table sitting in my garage not being used that I picked up at a garage sale (I can’t remember how much, but probably less than $15). It’s going to go out & be on my patio when we get it done. Thanks for the genius idea!

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