Shadowbox Turned Display Case

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Shadowbox turned jewelry display case

I recently recieved a TON of beautiful jewelry to play with (more on that soon…) and was in desperate need of a way to store and display all of my lovely new creations. I also had a broken shadowbox I didn’t want to toss away.

Add a little chickenwire and some pins… and I have an awesome new jewelry/craft display case!

(and because I am totally cheesy, I am going around calling this my real life jewelry pin board… tee hee)

First, I took the broken glass out of the shadowbox. You can’t tell here, but the entire bottom of this box has cracked glass- which is a shame, because it was so beautiful!

Next, I cut out a rectangle of small cube chicken wire just bigger than the frame of the shadowbox.

Staple the chicken wire along the inside of the frame.

Since the back of my shadowbox had a backing that was soft, I was able to put pins in the backing to hold place the jewelry on. If your shadowbox doesn’t, you could glue pegs to do the same.

How beautiful is this jewelry? Can’t wait to share it more with you! (And check the sneak peak on my facebook page here). Also, please be sure to “like” my page, because I am going to be giving away some of this awesome stuff!

You could easily store tons of different types of craft supplies in this case if a jewelry display isn’t your thing. Also, I intend to find a cute way to display rings on the other side of the chicken wire- but if you were using it for crafting, you could insert pegboard organizers into the chicken wire to hang supplies and use the inside to pin fabric swatches, etc. So many options- I am sure you will see this in another incarnation again eventually!

4 thoughts on “Shadowbox Turned Display Case”

    1. I have another post coming up next week on a similar jewelry storage/display idea… stay tuned! It is hard to find a great way to keep it organized while on display, but there are some solutions! Hopefully this gets me wearing jewelry more often (I always forget what I have when it is stashed away)

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