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I am so glad to have you here at Sweet C’s Designs. My blog has truly become my second home, my third baby and more importantly, an important source of income for my family.

When you look around at my blog, I hope it truly inspires you. Why else would I be sharing my ideas with the world if I didn’t want anyone to see them? I LOVE having people share my work. It is the greatest feeling in the world, and it is so humbling everytime I am asked if someone can share something I thought was special.

I don’t just love creating- I love blogging. So I am passionate about protecting the work of bloggers, including myself.


Can I use your pictures or tutorials/recipes on my blog?

Yes, I’d be SO honored! I do ask that people sharing my work follow a few simple guidelines to protect my content:

Please use ONE picture and a summary (in your own words) with a link to my original post. If you use a recipe, the standard is to do the same- unless you significantly change 3 ingredients or make a fun twist and change it up in some new way.

Boom! Pour yourself a drink, wasn’t that easy?

There is no need to ask if you share something, but if you send me a note I can help promote your post!

I don’t want to scare people off from sharing what I love- because I blog to show the things that make me smile and hope they make you smile too. Feel free to pin, stumble share the work you find here (using the guidelines above)… you are doing ME a favor!

If you would like to publish my photographs or reprint my work for print or a commercial purpose, please contact me at courtney {at} 


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