Summer Gazebo Party Decor

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Summer Party Ready Gazebo- love that wreath and the cafe lights!

With summer heating up and our kids almost out for the year, we’ve been focusing on fun decorating ideas for all of our summer fun! I was really excited to try out some gorgeous decor from Balsalm Hill that I was provided- a gorgeous outdoor LED boxwood wreath and some amazingly chic cafe lights.

If you’ve been a reader for a while, you might know I have a gorgeous Balsalm Hill Christmas tree that I absolutely adore. Balsalm Hill’s wreaths and trees look incredibly realistic- they are lush, have gorgeous deep colors, and aren’t plastic looking at all. Boxwood can be tough to find in realistic-looking wreaths.

At the farm we’re going to move to soon (my in-laws currently live on the property in an adjoining house), there is a lovely white gazebo- so we got it party ready with some great white wicker furniture and hung cafe lights and one of Balsalm Hill’s boxwood wreaths to help the space pop and be summer party ready!

The best boxwood wreath ever- I love how realistic it looks, and it's so realistic!

I love these cafe lights- they are bright and very classic looking- not like some cheap globe lights I have seen around. They are also pretty sturdy- I might have accidentally dropped a string while hanging them, and cringed the whole time until I looked down and realized they didn’t break. I don’t recommend dropping them, and they are glass so they are definitely breakable, but they have pretty thick glass, which is nice!

We’re really looking forward to using this space as a great area to relax and have fun on warm summer nights- and all the extra fun lights help make it even more welcoming! I’m going to invest in a couple more strands of globe lights to string through the apple orchard and on our patio for warm, inviting areas that are perfect for summer entertaining!

Love these globe cafe style lights- they are perfect for summer parties!



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