The Easiest Decorated Cake You’ll Ever Make

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the easiest decorated cake you'll ever make! Take store bought icing and make it strong enough to hold M & Ms or other candy easily! Pin now, save your your next #party

Raise your hand if you thought the Easiest Way to Frost a Cake, Ever tutorial was life changing.

the easiest way to frost a cake get a faux fondant look in seconds (and its delicious) #cake #party #fondant

Yep, when I figure that trick out, my mind was blown. Permanently.

But sometimes, ugly cakes still happen. Recently I have been trying out a lot of different gluten free cakes- and some work really, really well (like the one I used in the previous post). Some stink. And some taste good…. but stick to your spring form pan. NO. MATTER. HOW. MUCH. YOU. GREASE. THE. PAN. Or they are just so crumbly it is impossible to frost them.

This, my dear friends, happened to me. On my birthday yesterday.

My cake was rendered lumpy, mis-shapen and funky. I knew the icing trick would never look smooth on such a lumpy uneven surface. I didnt want to spend a ton of time decorating a cake that my 2 year old and I were just going to tear into in a few moments anyways.

So it hit me… why not decorate it? Only problem- store bought icing can be a little thin on its own, and I still wanted a semi smooth texture that is easier to spread (holy moly was my cake touchy and crumbly- it would have totally torn apart if I tried spreading icing).

So it hit me- another fun, easy and fabulous way to decorate your cakes, the slacker way. Read on friends, and blow your minds wide open again.

Ever have a cake that is too crumbly to frost? This tip is AWESOME and life-changing! Take store bought icing and whip it to make it pourable and give it a thick, gorgeous marshmallow like texture that hides lumps and bumps easily! Pin now, save for later! #party #decorating #cake @sweetcsdesigns

To get a nice, firm and steady texture- with as little work as possible- you just need a few tools.

Set your cake on a cooling rack over a flexible cutting board or parchment paper for hassle-free cleanup.

First, zap your icing in the microwave for 5 seconds to loosen it a touch (or set it on your stovetop if your oven was just on- the gentile heat coming up helps). Then break out your hand mixer and dump your store bought icing in a bowl. This time I tried Betty Crocker’s.

Whip the icing until it starts to feel like cement- about 2 minutes. It will look a lot like marshmallow fluff- shiny and a bit heavy.

Dump it on top of your cake. Let it drip down the sides, and help it out with a knife if you need to cover all areas (this is thicker than just microwaving the icing like the other tutorial, so you may have to help it spread- but it will be soft enough that it wont tear your cake apart).

Once its totally covered, let it sit.This may just do the trick for you. This method creates a thick and lovely icing that covers a multitude of sins and makes many a cake gorgeous with no crumblage.

However-   Don’t cry if it looks a bit like a schizophrenic drunken monkey iced it.  That is why God invented candy.

After your cake has firmed up a touch, and any extra icing has had a chance to shimmy off, grab some m&m’s. I love the Easter pastel ones and will be stocking hordes full when it is on sale in a few weeks.

Place the M&M’s all around the cake, alternating colors by row. Or make a fun pattern. Or go all one color. Whatever floats your boat is cool by me.

Do the same along the top.

BOOM! That’s it! You have a beautiful cake. Pop that bad boy in the fridge or freezer for 20-30 minutes to firmly let it set to avoid candy slippage. (sidenote: is that a good enough reason to use the term “slippage”? I’m on the fence, but I digress.)

Serve and enjoy- cause come on, who doesn’t like candy? And cake? AND FREAKING CANDY ON TOP OF CAKE???

You could do this with other candies too- I just dig the colors and shapes of M&Ms.

how to fix an ugly cakes-  easily frost a cake that is super crumbly and uneven. This is an AWESOME trick for spreadable icing, as well as a fun decoration idea. Pin now and save for your next party! #cake #decorating #M&Ms


Whats your favorite way to disguise an ugly cake? Or frost a cake that is super duper crumbly?


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  1. I’m storing this awesome cake saver! I just posted on the cake I made (first time with fondant) for my son’s 1st birthday. It was so stressful in that anything I messed up on would be so obvious! For his smash cake I did go the “pour on the icing” method using cream cheese frosting. That worked out great and saved me a lot of time! Thanks for this post!!

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