The Easiest Way to Frost a Cupcake Ever!

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the easiest way to frost a cupcake EVER- faux fondant poured icing cupcakes! These are GENIUS!

If you know me, you know I like to make things cute, sweet and EASY.

I also really like frosting, sprinkles and cupcakes.

But I hate actually frosting cupcakes- because they always look funky, no matter what fun technique I find on Pinterest. So today I am showing you my go-to, never fail, QUICK way to frost cupcakes- using my poured icing method!

You might remember how I have a way of pouring frosting on cakes to decorate them to look like they are covered in fondant. With a few simple tweaks, you can use the same method on a cupcake!

the easiest way to frost a cake get a faux fondant look in seconds (and its delicious) #cake #party #fondant

Let’s get down to it.

First off, you’ll need:

a can of storebought icing

wrapper-less cupcakes- cooled (today I tried Betty Crocker’s Gluten Free and they worked and tasted great). I highly recommend a Wilton silicone cupcake pan and pure olive oil cooking spray for easy, perfect cupcakes that pop right out without a cupcake liner.

a wire cooling rack

a flexible cutting board or large sheet of wax paper

a knife

sprinkles (optional)

Arrange your cupcakes on a wire cooling rack over a flexible cutting mat OR a large strip of wax paper. This will prevent a big mess, and also allow you to collect the frosting that slides off for re-use- so don’t skimp here.

Microwave the storebought icing for 15 seconds, then stir it and return to microwave for 20 seconds more. (TIP: if you’d like to avoid microwaving plastic, remove the icing from the container).

Stir thoroughly for 20 seconds until any visible lumps are gone.

Stick a knife in the icing- it should be very thin and runny. (see photo below marked Step 1). Slowly pour icing over the cupcake in a circular motion so you are sure to coat the sides. When you have a thin basecoat on, move to your next cupcake and let set.

three steps to making adorable poured icing cupcakes! This is such a great way to get a faux fondant look for your cupcakes and is faster than fancy cupcake techniques!

Let each cupcake set for about 10 minutes. Your icing will now be much cooler and thicker when putting a knife in (see step 2). Repeat the pouring from step 1 with the thicker, more cooled icing to get a thick top coat.

faux fondant technique for cupcakes!

When you’ve covered the cupcakes, go over any rough areas with your knife or offset spatula while still setting to smooth out any bumps or poorly covered areas. If adding sprinkles, do it immediately or they won’t stick well.

The easiest way to frost a cupcake, EVER! This is such a genius tip! Get a fondant look by pouring store bought icing on cupcakes they turn out like fancy little cakes and it only takes a few minutes to do a whole

Let cupcakes set for 30 minutes before serving- they won’t be sticky and will look beautifully smooth like fondant. I like to keep mine in the fridge until as close as serving time as possible.

I LOVE how they look like little cakes! I also love how you get a lot of frosting in each bite- and are WAY easier to eat than traditional cupcakes. You actually use less frosting this way (even though it tastes like more because you get more in each bite) so its a little friendlier on the waistline (as much as you are going to be with icing, anyways).

My son is starting to get really finnicky about getting his hands dirty, and he actually loves to eat these because once the icing is set, it doesnt come off all over his hands as easily as with traditional cupcakes. He also doesn’t need me to unwrap anything!

You can also add fondant flowers, gumpaste shapes or other decorations on them for a beautiful display- or use this methodย  on petit fours or rice krispy treat shapes!

Make cupcakes look like mini cakes with this faux fondant tip- using STORE BOUGHT ICING!! This is life changing and so much fun for parties! Best part- it only takes a few minutes to do a whole batch! at sweetcsdes

26 thoughts on “The Easiest Way to Frost a Cupcake Ever!”

  1. OMG thank you so much for posting this! This is great! ๐Ÿ˜€ I plan to try this tomorrow. (Found this via Pinterest)

  2. I just made these and they’re super cute but there is a bit of a learning curve. My biggest problems were getting the icing on the sides of the cupcake evenly for the thin coat (I ended up rolling the cupcake in a bowl instead of letting it pour over the sides). My cupcakes started falling into the metal rack when they were sitting for 10 mins after the thin coat and then some chunks fell off when I was getting them off of the rack which made some of them a little lopsided. Also, I used 2 containers of icing instead of one for one box of cake mix. All in all they were really cute (especially the last 6 I made!), and I’ll definitely make them again.

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