Tiny Tots Valentines Party Snack Table

tiny tot valentines day party - easy and adorable ways to set up a snack table fit for little ones!

We had a blast today with some friends and their kiddos getting ready for Valentine’s Day with a little “tiny tot” valentines party. Outside of one first grader, all our attendees were under 2 1/2.

I had a blast… but mostly because I got some good mommy time in! I like to think the kids had a lot of fun too… and I am pretty sure they did because the snack table was pretty much attacked within a few minutes. Nothing like hopping your friends’ kids up on a ton of sugar, right?

I’ll be showing you some of the individual snacks and favors we had soon, but today I wanted to show you the decor for the snack table, and how easy it was to pull together.


tiny tot valentines party cups and straws

To start off, I set up a sturdy, but lower, card table to display all of the sweet treats. I added a 99 cent plastic red tablecloth (yes, the cheap ones from Walmart- no sense in going overboard with little hands that WILL get food and drink spilled). I then blew up a few balloons, two small white and a big, giant and wonderful red balloon from the Tomkat Studio, and tied them to weights, and placed them in some cute containers. I then tied a satin ribbon to the big red balloon to give it a little more appeal and to make it look a little more chic.

For drinks, I set out paper cups and paper straws, also from Tomkat, and poured milk, water and lemonade as the kids asked. In a tin tray on a candlestick I propped up adorable paper striped and chevron paper bags with popcorn and fruit (perfect as mobile snack holders to prevent excessive spills).

My mom found a great “love” paper mache at a craft store, which I spray painted robin’s egg blue and propped in front of two white painted styrofoam blocks that held cakepops.

I also set out a small bowl of fun shaped marshmallows and marshmallow gift favors on the table.


tiny tot valentines table setup

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Have any fun toddler party tips and tricks?


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