Vintage Ski Christmas Card Display

I have been a horrible decorator this year for Christmas. I have had such a tiring pregnancy, and decorating seems like such a thankless chore with a 16 month old (next year, watch out!!!).

I did want to share one of my quick ideas I have set up this year, and can’t wait to expand upon next year. I never know how to display Christmas cards- but I love having them out! I have the same problem with a set of red vintage skis that I absolutely adore- I can’t find the perfect spot for them, but they make me smile.

This year, I took some bakers twine, clothespins, and my vintage skis and made a little Christmas card display by stringing the twine across the two skis to create a “ladder” and pinned the cards to the twine. I saw Jen from Tatertots and Jello’s fabulous Christmas Card Ladder and got inspired!

Love how it turned out!


What is your favorite way to display holiday cards??

3 thoughts on “Vintage Ski Christmas Card Display”

  1. I never thought of using our skis. Great idea. We usually string several lengths of twine across the big window and hang them there. It gets a bit boring, so it’s gonna be skis next year!

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