Washi Tape Frame For Mom! #mothersday

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make and adorable frame with #marthastweartcrafts washi tape and a plain wooden frame- just takes a few minutes and makes a great gift!


I asked friends and family that are moms what they would most like for mothers day- and one present stuck out time and again. OK, well two but I am kind of combining them here.

The top gifts? A photo, or something handmade. (Y’all are suckers. Handmade is sweet but I’d love a maid. Just keeping it real… well and my babies are only good at crafting diaper art which I’m not really into. Maybe next year.)

So today I am sharing this super fun, easy and adorable craft you can make with your kiddos this mothers day to help show off the picture mom requests, or maybe a sweet note or printable!

This is just about one of the easiest crafts I’ve ever made, and is totally suitable for kids. Or daddies. That’s right, guys- you CAN help your kids make something mom actually wants.


To start, you’ll need:

-A wooden frame (I LOVE the plain wooden frames from Hobby Lobby that have little heart shaped openings)

-Washi tape in coordinating styles (I am using some from the Martha Stewart Craft line by EK Success)

-Mod Podge and foam brush


First, lay tape down carefully around your frame. We just folded it back onto the back. Don’t let your kids get discouraged- it doesn’t need to be perfect. Also, washi tape is fabulous because it isn’t super sticky- you can easily peel it up and re-align if needed.

If you get a few bumps, it is fine- just flatten them by hand for a paper mache look.

When you’ve taped up the whole frame, coat the front and back with mod podge using a foam brush or pouncer to spread thin layer. This is to seal the tape and make sure it stays in place.

Let dry, and add your photo.

That’s it!

10 minute washi tape frame- perfect for #mothersday and is safe & easy enough for kids to make, too! Such a fun idea at sweetcsdesigns

Now that I’ve started using washi a bit more, I can see why it’s so addictive.

What is your favorite thing to use washi on? Or your dream mothers day present? I’d love to know.

(Outside of a photo, I am hoping for a wonderful cleaning fairy to visit us this year. Ahem, cough, cough… hubby- I’d like a maid. At least for one month. This is your advance notice).

washi tape frame for mothers day

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