Air Fryer

Pumpkin glazed donuts Recipe

by Sweet Cs Designs

These delicious iced donuts are easy to make with premade cinnamon rolls. They make a perfect fall treat that everyone loves!

air fryer pumpkin  glazed donuts

You will need: Package cinnamon roll dough Pumpkin pie spice Melted butter Orange icing Green icing Whole milk

Cut a hole in the premade cinnamon roll slices.

Add the donuts individually to an air fryer, brush with butter and sprinkle with pumpkin pie spice

Air fry all the rolls about 6 minutes and set aside to cool

Prepare the icing, heat in the microwave and whisk in the milk to loosen

Dip the donuts in the orange icing, set aside to set

Pipe green icing on for the top and tail of the pumpkins