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Homemade crunchwrap Recipe

by Sweet Cs Designs

Crunchwraps are a tantalizing, portable feast featuring a crispy tostada shell encased in a soft tortilla with layers of savory meats, fresh lettuce, zesty salsa, and gooey cheese, all grilled to golden perfection.

homemade crunchwrap

You will need: Ground Beef Taco Seasoning Water Tortillas Nacho cheese sauce Tostada shells Sour cream Lettuce Tomatoes Cheese Oil

Add browned taco meat to a tortilla, put tostada on it

Add nacho cheese sauce and top with lettuce

Top with some shredded cheese

Top with diced tomatoes

Fold tortilla into itself over the fillings and flip over to hold.

Heat oil in pan, brown the crunchwrap

Combine salsa and sour cream for a dip for your crunchwraps, enjoy!