Slow Cooker Chocolate Peanut Clusters

You'll absolutely love these

Insanely easy to make!

From the viral tiktok!

Delicious and easy candy clusters!

Directions from the viral tiktok

A perfect gift packed with flavor

Homemade candy with only minutes of work!

Salted peanuts

Unsalted peanuts

Semi-sweet chocolate chips

Reeses peanut butter chips

Sweetened chocolate bar

Vanilla bark







Just six easy ingredients

Add peanuts to slow cooker

Follow my order exactly to ensure nothing gets burned


Add chocolate bar

then peanut butter chips

Ensure you're putting them on top of the peanuts

Top with chocolate chips

then the vanilla bark

Easiest. Recipe. Ever.

Put on the top and turn the slow cooker on high

Leave for two hours

Scoop onto parchment paper-lined tray

Let clusters harden

Makes 40 delicious clusters. You know you want them.