Wedding Date Shadowbox

Make a shadowbox full of wedding mementos and your anniversary date- such a cute gift idea!

Sometime after my wedding, my mom found some wonderful old iron numbers at various antique shops for 10/24- my wedding date. I had no idea what to do with them, so they have been sitting in my craft closet, for like 2 years. Finally, after a week of “blogger funk”, I took a long, leisurely trip to Jo-Ann’s and just walked the aisles, looking for ideas. Well, not only did I grab a ton of awesome loot and explode with ideas- I found some inspiration to FINALLY bust out the numbers and put them to use- as well as add in some of the dried flowers from our wedding. Read on to see how I did it! 

First, I bought a graduation shadowbox- meant to display a picture and tassle. It was 50% off, and I knew it would be perfect! I then grabbed a lovely chocolatey brown shade of paint from the fab-u-lous Martha Stewart Paint line, as well as some Antique effect.


I am kind of lazy- and decided to use the cardboard backing already in the shadowbox packaging. It is thick enough to hold the iron, and super easy to paint. Plus, you don’t have to buy anything else.

I mixed the brown paint and the antique effect in a paint tray, and applied to the cardboard. I went for a more “rustic” look- I wanted it to look a bit like worn wood to juxtapose against the iron numbers.

Once the paint dried, I simply hot glued the numbers on to the cardboard (I put the matting down directly onto the cardboard before gluing so I knew exactly where to place everything), and very, very carefully dried on some of the dried roses people threw at us at our wedding. (My husband and I are Orthodox Christians, and at our Greek Orthodox church, part of the wedding tradition is to throw rose and flower petals at the couple as they walk three times around the table. Let me tell you, they really pelted us with those flowers! I had them in my hair all night long, and found some in my dress later that night! Such a fun and pretty tradition… and I saved as many flowers as I could!). 

Only took a couple of minutes… but I think it is a lovely reminder of our wedding date, and I am so glad I could incorporate the dried petals in as well. I am so glad I finally figured out what to do with my antique numbers!

I am going to hang this on a collage wall my hubby and I have been working on- we put little man’s “coming home” outfit in a frame, along with our hospital bands, and will for baby girl when she is born… and we’re looking for other unique items to add. I am thinking of it as a shadowbox wall- kind of a living scrapbook! Can’t wait to share when it is all done! (Which, realistically, won’t be until late this summer… so don’t hold your breath too long for it!)

Wedding date shadowbox- a perfect way to incorporate memories to your home decor!

8 thoughts on “Wedding Date Shadowbox”

  1. What a lovely wedding idea! I’ll be linking to it on our DIY Wedding Ideas pinboard. Check it out at

    – Chante

  2. Hi Courtney! Stopping by from Sarahndipities make something mondays, what a great idea. A friend of mine is getting married and I think she’ll love it. Thanks for sharing
    Greetings from Spain

  3. Lovely as always! Aren’t Martha Stewart’s paints the best?!?! So happy they are now available at Joann’s. Thanks for the sharing this project!

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