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I don’t know about you, but I am pretty excited about the holidays coming up.

Hot cocoa, playing in the snow, twinkle lights and watching the wonder in my babies eyes… it is completely magical.

Only thing is… my wallet doesn’t love Christmas so much. I have a tendency to go overboard. Like, a lot.

So if you are like me, you’d love to have a little more money to bring the cheer this holiday season. And lucky for you, a bunch of my new favorite blogs and I came together to help make that happen.

We’re giving away $400- FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS!!- to one lucky winner. And just to spread a little extra holiday cheer, we’re giving away 2 $20 Visa gift cards to two runners up.

As if that wasn’t great enough, I’m super excited to show off some of my favorite new blogs. From fabulous recipes, fun and quirky design and printables, to amazing DIY and crafts you will find some of the most talented women I’ve met online recently!

Seriously… I can’t say enough about this lovely little group of blogs. They have amazing photography and some wonderful ideas. You are going to love them!

So lets get to it! Who wants to win $400?!?!


To enter the giveaway, please use the Rafflecopter widget below. It does take a few moments to load at times, so please give it a moment. You MUST leave a comment to be eligible, and you can earn a bonus entry for following the blogs listed below on Facebook and Pinterest. It is really easy to earn extra entries, so we have a bunch of different ways to enter- and check out some fabulous new blogs when you do!

(please note if you enter via a bonus entry, they will be verified should you win).

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194 thoughts on “Win $400 and Find Some Great New Blogs!”

  1. Wow, $400.00 – There are so many things I would really like but I would have to say I would use it towards a snowblower. Yep, a snowblower.

    Thank you for the chance.

  2. What a great giveaway for the holidays. I love trying to craft gifts for everyone on my lists but sometimes I run out of time!

  3. I will buy the ice skating accessary. She loves ice skating, but all the ice skating clothes and everything are not cheap. Thank you for the giveaway.

  4. I want to buy the ice skating accessary for my daughter. She loves ice skate, but the clothes, the box, and everything are not cheap. Hope to win. Thank you so much.

  5. I would spend it on my grandson. Can’t wait to see his face on Christmas morning. What a wonderful giveaway. Good luck to all.

  6. Some vintage sewing patterns that I have been wanting for over a year but haven’t had the extra $ to get them, & then use the rest to buy an extra gift or two for my girls.

  7. I would use it to buy Christmas presents and also buy presents for children who are less fortunate. This is an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  8. I would use some of it for my kids and some to get myself a sewing machine so I can give my mom’s back to her and so I can keep creating!

  9. I would buy my daughter stuff. We are due in February and looking for all the great Christmas deals to fill up the rest of her nursery needs. Thank you for the chance to win! What a blessing to whoever receives this!

  10. We would have a great Christmas if I won the $400. With 6 kids and one on they way it would be an extra special Christmas for everyone! Thank you!

  11. I would buy a embroidery foot, quilting foot ( something I would not take out of the budget)and something for my honey

  12. An extra $400.00 would really help my family this year! We would be able to get some things for the kids, but we would also get things for the kitchen. New cookware, maybe? What a great giveaway! Thank you!

  13. I wish I could say that it would go towards something fun, but my SO was laid off this week and our second child will be born just 11 days before Christmas. So it would probably be used on groceries/ bills.

  14. With the extra money, I would probably make more goodies to share with my friends and neighbors. Also, a charm for my bracelet…I love jewelry!

  15. I would buy Crafty things to make personal Christmas gifts! It’s always a win-win for me when I can make something and then give it away!

  16. We moved or family of 5 to southern California 6 months ago. $ is running low and I know we would use the $400 to first buy a Christmas tree and then presents and clothes for our kids and books that my husband will need for school next semester.

  17. I would buy my two babies christmas gifts, then the rest of it I will shop for goodies to fill up shoe boxes for children who are in need this year and children on the east coast who got hit by Sandy.

  18. I have been saving for a new running watch, and some new running clothes- Running is NOT cheaper than therapy 🙂 Also I have 3 little ones and would be fun to get some great gifts for them.

  19. I would love to spend the money on a kitchen aid mixer…however I would probably end up using some of it on my husband. I don’t get to spoil him that often!

  20. With $400, I would buy my gifts from Etsy and other local businesses to support those who are trying to be successful this holiday season!

  21. Awesome giveaway! I would use the gift card to go see family for the holiday season. Or take a mini family-vacation. We haven’t done either in so long!

  22. I would us it to take a trip with my boys before our new little one arrives in Feb….things are really tight right now and it would be nice to get away for a day or two with no worries

  23. If I won 400 dollars I would get the most awsome Santa gifts for my kiddos. Keep the magic of Christmas alive!! Thanks for the chance!

  24. As for what it would buy: It would cover the boards and all pieces needed to build out kids their bunk beds, all the bedding, much needed jammies and winter clothes for the big boy, some special treats for my special hubby who sacrifices so much (USMC) – maybe some special gear for his motorcycle, and even some special pedicure time for this homeschool mom!

  25. Wow if I were to win $400.00 that would be fantastic! I would share the wealth that is for sure….I would share with my daughter Jamie to help her buy Christmas for my grandson Xavier and my daughter Kory to help her buy Christmas for my granddaughters Whitney and Breann….Times are tough all over and it would be wonderful if I was able to help them out with a little Holiday Cheer! Thank you so much for such an awesome giveaway!

  26. i would probably use it to pay our gas for our trip home for Christmas is usually cost us that much each way. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  27. I would buy my son an extra special Santa gift and give all our family members what I would like to get them and not worry about the money.

  28. I would probably save it and put it toward getting an apartment and finally getting out of the dorms! after I spend half of it on something nice for my mom. She is so amazing.

  29. Christmas would certainly look better. I am raising my 11 yr. old grand daughter. Just lost our job 3 weeks ago. So this would be awesome!

  30. What a great giveaway!! I would love to spend that money on myself, but I know I would end up spending it on the kiddos. I would probably use it on my son’s bedroom. He’s 6 months and has nothing but a dresser, crib, and white walls in his room!! Or I would buy my husband an ipad. He deserves it!!!

  31. So much we could put $400 towards. Our cousin lost her house to hurricane Sandy so that could really help her. We’re having a baby in Feb so there’s always that. But if I had to choose for myself? Clothes after the baby is born. And some baking supplies of course! Thanks!

  32. This would be lovely to win! We still need so much for our son, like immediately, so it would all go to him- crib, mattress, high chair, convertible car seat… Poor little guy (9 months) still sleeps in the pack n play but mama can’t find a job!

  33. Welll, if I were bold enough to spend $400 on myself, I might go for an iPad, but I know it’d end up being spent on my husband or kids. And in that case it would probably be used to finish my husands tatoo cover up, because he NEEDS it covered up!

  34. $400 is more than my whole Christmas budget! It would really make life easier and I’d be able to get everyone a gift, as things are right now I’ve had to cut my list back BIG TIME!

  35. I would purchase camera equipment…I just “inherited” a D80 Nikon and I’m wanting some lenses!! Thanks for the chance!!

  36. $400 would most definitely bring some cheer to my Christmas! I could make all of my DIY gifts with $400 and everyone would be able to get a gift from me!!

  37. With an extra $400 this year, I would use some to help my out a friend whose family has been struggling financially due to enormous medical bills, and the rest would go to getting my parents a few things that they always do without because they take care of everyone else.

  38. The best part about this is getting to check out new blogs I may have never gotton to know otherwise. So excited! Waiting hopefully to win my first giveaway and to be able to enjoy this wonderful season with friends and family.

    1. I am new to this blog. Have never been here before. Will register after I have had time
      to really look and see what you offer for information and projects. I have to go list to my
      store at this time. Will be back.

  39. With $400 extra dollars I would buy some more supplies to make homemade christmas gifts as well as some extra supplies to make items to donate. I usually donate a couple of cookie trays to local shelters at Christmas and Thanksgiving and this would let me do just a little bit more.

  40. Since losing my job last week, this would go a long way to making sure my daughter would have a nice Christmas. THANK YOU.

  41. I would buy my husband the flat panel TV that he’s been wanting. We’ve had a rough year and he’s taken such great care of me. It would nice to take care of him.

  42. We’re going to Disneyland right before Christmas and we’ve been saving for quite a while. This would really help boost up our trip!

  43. Not going to lie, I rarely get to do things for myself. I’d probably either use it to pay for school or go shopping 😉

  44. Every year around Thanksgiving, God places this prayer on my heart, and it becomes my prayer/to do of the year. This year God has placed in my heart for the homeless, street youth, and people who are less fortunate than me. I”m trying to put together something like scarf, mitten, and socks tied them with a bow & take them down to feed the under the bridge project my church is doing for many, many years. My funds are limited, and cold weather is coming sooner than I’m expecting. If I win that $400.00 I would use that money for purchasing scarves, mitten, and socks for those people who really deserve them. Please pick me!

  45. I would buy a new lens for my husband for Christmas.

  46. I would spend the $400.00 on my children and grandson. This would make for a wonderful Christmas celebration with them this year. Good luck to all.

  47. $400 extra this season? I would use it to catch up on some medical bills accumulated through the summer and feel more settled about being able to give my girls something extra special!

  48. I would definitely use it for presents! I broke my leg and ankle and have been out of work.. So the extra help for presents would be awesome!

  49. I would love to get the extra $400. We have not participated in gift exchanges the last two years while my hubs has been in school and money has been tight. Through my crafts and being better prepared I have a good start for this year and we are determined to participate but the $400 would help so much in making this Christmas a great one!

  50. I would use the money on my 4 kiddos and buy each of them the one thing they really wanted this year. My hubby is in school so things are tight, but this would be so fun to splurge on the kids!

  51. Ideally I’d want to put it toward a DSLR camera, but we would probably use it for a big gift for our family that we all could enjoy!

  52. Oh man! We are planning on upgrading our tv situation in our living room (new surround and blueray player) and hopefully get a mantel so it all looks pretty. Right now our tv has a tail and we can’t really use the fireplace. 400 doll hairs would certainly help!

    Nikki Kelly @ the ambitious procrastinator

  53. We are hosting an orphan from Eastern Europe – I’d make her Christmas extra special and be able to spend a few extra items home with her for friends that couldn’t come!


  54. My mom is coming over for the Holidays. {We live over 20 hours away from each other.} Hubbs and I are newly homeowners and lacking furniture so I would buy a proper guest bed to put in the spare room for her visit 😉

  55. $400 Visa card would sure buy lots of holiday cheer! Such a fantastic opportunity! My daughter loves clothes from Justice and she wants the Barbie Cruise Ship, my son wants some video games and maybe the Wii U.
    That $400 would cover most of that! 🙂

  56. Would love to win the $400.., could put it towards a new set of tires for my husband’s truck. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! : o)

  57. I would probably use some of it to get presents for the little kids at our church. A lot of them don’t get a good Christmas.

    I can’t think of anything I need right now, so I’m not really sure what else I’d do with it.

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