Zucchini Pine Nut & Cranberry Paleo Pasta

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zucchini pine nut and cranberry paleo pasta- this is so delicious, easy to make, and completely grain free!

The holidays are not an easy time to cut back on carbs and try to eat more healthy, fresh foods. But this salad/paleo pasta is a delicious, hearty and slightly tangy alternative to heavy pastas that just add extra pounds to your new years resolution. This Zucchini Pine Nut and Cranberry Paleo Pasta is one of my new favorite dishes!

This is also SUCH an incredibly easy dish to make- and you won’t believe how rich the flavor is with just four ingredients. It has a bit of a meaty bite to it, and the olive oil gives just enough fat to make it feel like there is a sauce. The cranberry tartness becomes very subtle when cooked with vegetables and gives a nice, almost citrus-like acid balance. And the pine nuts help fill you up while being absolutely loaded with nutrients.

The key part to this pasta being a success is this Paderno World Cuisine Veggie Slicer. I can’t be an amazon affiliate in Colorado, so I get nothing by endorsing this product- I just think it is about the greatest thing since sliced…. zucchini. (see what I did there? har, har)

Just put the butt of the zucchini onto the spiky end, and the top of the zucchini (which you’ve already decapitated), onto the little sharp hole. Crank it and you’ll instantly get perfect pasta like zucchini.

(it also cores out a small core of the zucchini, which I think is helpful because the very middle tends to be soggy and flavorless).

How cool is that? You’ll totes be seeing this mid-evil-torture-like contraption a lot in the future. My only complaint is it is a bit tricky to clean- but that counts as extra exercise, right?

easy zucchini pine nut and cranberry paleo pasta- this is so delicious, easy to make, and completely grain free!

PS- I know you are thinking, holy cow woman, that is an insanely huge “serving”. And yes, I ate it. All. And it was soooo good. I shared some with Bridget, who would be a vegan if I let her, and she loved it. Finn saw right through my veggies-as-noodles sorcery and made a beeline for organic mac and cheese. This will be on my plate again today for lunch!

You win some, you lose some, eh?

Zucchini Pine Nut & Cranberry Paleo Pasta
  • 4 zucchinis, washed with the tops cut off
  • ½ cup pine nuts
  • 2tbsp olive oil, ghee, walnut oil, coconut oil
  • ¼ cup fresh cranberries
  • Celtic sea salt, to taste
  1. Using a vegetable slicer, make zucchini strands.
  2. In a small pan, lightly toast pine nuts.
  3. When zucchini is fully sliced, add to a hot pan with olive oil.
  4. Sautee for 5 minutes on medium high heat- until zucchini starts to brown.
  5. Add pine nuts and cranberries in.
  6. Sautee for 5-10 minutes, until cranberries slightly pop open and zucchini is soft.
  7. Serve warm as a side salad or delicious main dish.
zucchini pine nut and cranberry paleo pasta- this is so delicious, easy to make, and completely grain free!


6 thoughts on “Zucchini Pine Nut & Cranberry Paleo Pasta”

  1. How do you get the zucchini to brown? When I tried this there was so much of it that it really didn’t fit in the pan well, and in spite of using high heat, the zucchini steamed rather than seared and got quite limp.

    How big are those zucchini anyway?

  2. Can you suggest a replacement for the cranberries as I am not able to find them in South Australia. I too received one of these clever little machines but have not yet used it. This recipe seems simple enough for me to give it a go.
    Thank You

  3. Major YUM factor on this! I came upon this gem on pinterest before going to grocery store, so I picked up some zucchini and made this for lunch for me and my husband today. Wish I had the fancy veggie stringer or noodle-izer, but using a fine/medium grater had success! I also added another 1/4 cup of cranberries, (because I have a lot leftover from the holidays). The colors in this dish had me from the pin, and mine was just as colorful. Also great for a snowy Saturday afternoon. 🙂

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