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Caramelized onion brie tarts Recipe

by Sweet Cs Designs

Caramelized onion and brie tarts are a decadent appetizer, featuring a harmonious blend of sweet, golden onions and creamy, melted brie cheese atop a crisp, buttery pastry base, offering a sophisticated burst of flavors with each bite.

caramelized onion brie tarts

You will need: Puff Pastry Yellow onions Salted Butter Balsamic Vinegar Sea Salt Brown Sugar Brie

Melt butter and cook onions slowly for 20 minutes till caramelized. Add vinegar, salt, and brown sugar.

Make two L shaped cuts on each piece of puff pastry

Fold corners over and press down.

Whip egg and water in a bowl and brush on pastry. Place on trimmed piece of brie on each.

Place some onion over each cheese and bake 20 minutes till golden.

Perfect Every Time!

Perfect Every Time!