creamy tart

cranberry brie bites Recipe

by Sweet Cs Designs

Cranberry brie bites feature a delightful contrast of tart, juicy cranberries against the creamy, mild richness of brie, encased in a crisp, buttery pastry.

cranberry brie bites

You will need: Puff Pastry Cranberries Water Orange Juice Sugar Orange zest Vanilla extract, cinnamon Brie Egg Wash Candied Pecans

Add cranberries, water, orange juice, sugar, zest, vanilla, and cinnamon stick

Set on medium heat, simmer ten minutes till thickened, set aside and cool.

Cut two L shapes in the puff pastry. Fold over the one side.

Fold the other one over the opposite side. Spread egg wash then add trimmed brie.

Top with cranberry sauce.

Add the candied pecans on top of the sauce

Bake and then top with remaining pecans, enjoy warm

Perfect Every Time!