creamy crunchy

funeral potatoes Recipe

by SweetCs Designs

Cheesy, creamy, baked hashbrown casserole is topped with crunchy delicious corn flakes. 

funeral potatoes

You will need: Frozen Cubed Hashbrowns Olive oil Cream of chicken soup Sour cream Butter Cheddar cheese Cornflakes

Drain hashbrowns in a colander. Oil a casserole dish and add the potatoes

Combine soup, sour cream, and butter in a mixing bowl.

Add shredded cheese and combine

Spread mixture on potatoes

Spread evenly over the potatoes

Combine the cornflakes and the butter in a small bowl

Spread cornflakes over the potatoes and cheese mixture

Bake for 40 minutes till top is browning.

Bake for 40 minutes till top is browning.