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raspberry cheesecake Brownies Recipe

by SweetCs Designs

Indulge in the decadent combination of rich chocolate brownies and creamy raspberry cheesecake with this delightful raspberry cheesecake brownies recipe.

raspberry cheesecake brownies

You will need: Butter Vanilla Extract Sugar  Brown sugar Eggs Cocoa Powder Flour Salt  Chocolate chips Raspberries Cream cheese

Combine the butter, eggs, vanilla, and sugars

Add the flour, cocoa powder and salt, stir to combine

Fold in the chocolate, spread in a lined pan and set aside

Puree raspberries and sugar and set aside

Cream the cream cheese, ssugar, and egg, set aside

Spread cream cheese mixture over the brownie mix

Drizzle raspberry mixture over cheesecake and dollups of leftover brownie mix

Use a toothpick to pull through the mixture to create the swirls. Bake!

Perfect every time!

Fudgey rich delicious brownies! Enjoy with ice cream or on their own!

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Will you share?