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red velvet cake Recipe

by Sweet Cs Designs

Red velvet cake, with its distinctive deep red hue and velvety texture, is a beloved dessert known for its subtle cocoa flavor, paired with a tangy cream cheese frosting that creates a harmonious and indulgent treat.

red velvet cake

You will need: All purpose flour Sugar Baking powder and Soda Coca powder Salt Vegetable oil Buttermilk Eggs White vinegar Vanilla extract Food coloring

Sift together the dry ingredients. Mix the wet ingredients in a stand mixer then add the dry ingredients. Combine well!

Divide the batter between two well greased cake pans.

Bake till toothpick comes out clean. Cool completely.

Level the top of each cake for a flat surface area.

Combine frosting ingredients till smooth. Spread frosting on bottom cake.

Top with other cake and level off.

Spread remaining frosting on sides and top of cake.

Top with cake crumbs for a pretty finish!

Perfect Every Time!