Tangy Sweet

Apple Blackberry crumble Recipe

by SweetCs Designs

This delightful American classic marries the flavors of tart fruit with sweetness topped with a crispy crumble.

apple blackberry crumble

You will need: Apples Blackberries Lemon juice Sugar Flour  Cinnamon Rolled Oats Flour Salted Butter

Place the sliced apples and blackberries in a large bowl

Add the lemon juice, vanilla,  2 tbsp of flour cinnamon, and granulated sugar, mix

Mix the dry ingredients then cut in the butter using your hands till you get a crumble texture

Lay the fruit in a pie dish, try to distribute the blackberries evenly

Top fruit with an even layer of crumble

Bake will bubbly and browned on the top!

Serve with ice cream or whipped cream YUM!

Add chopped nuts or raisins to mix it up!

Crowd Pleasing Dessert!

Crowd Pleasing Dessert!