Dia De Los Muertos Mini Confetti Cakes

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Dia De Los Muertos Mini Confetti Cakes – mini skull cakes decorated like sugar skulls, stuffed with sprinkles inside for a fun surprise!

dia di los muertos mini cakes with sprinkle surprise inside!

I was provided with Wilton supplies used in this post from Joann Fabric and Craft stores as a part of the 13 days of Sweet Halloween Treats Campaign. All opinions are 100% my own.

I love Halloween treats, and was so excited to be asked to be a party of the 13 Days of Sweet Halloween Treats campaign with Joann’s and Wilton! When I got a fun box full of Wilton goodies to check out, I was immediately drawn to the skeleton skull pans. I knew I wanted to make some fun, festive Dia De Los Muertos Mini Confetti Cakes !

They are surprisingly easy to make with Wilton supplies- and I’m even using storebought frosting for a faux fondant finish. These cakes look incredibly detailed and hard to make- but they are actually pretty simple!

Please see the LONG photo at the very bottom of the post for a step by step photo you can pin!

di de los muertos surprise confetti cakes- these are SO cute!

First, you’ll bake the cakes in the Wilton skull pan (available in Jo-Ann Fabric and craft stores) . The pans surface was a nice nonstick surface- but I generously greased it anyways.

I filled them just slightly over half full so it didnt overflow, especially as we  need them to fit together.

When cakes are done, a knife will come out clean. Let pan sit for 10 minutes to cool. Remove cakes from pan (I put a cooling rack on top of the cakes, and turned the pan upside down on the cooling rack- they popped right out).

Let cakes cool for at least 1 hour, or preferably overnight.

Scoop out a little hole inside the cake with a spoon, and add lots of sprinkles and malted chocolate candies into it.

We’re then going to “seal” the front and back of the skull together by applying a layer of frosting around the sides- like you’re gluing them. Do this before we go to the next steps of the frosting since we want it to be pretty thick and as it is right out of the can. Any brand icing will do.

Now we’re ready to frost!

To frost, we’re going to use my poured frosting method- I use store bought icing and my own little tricks to make it look like fondant. It even sets up to where you can touch it and it becomes smooth and won’t totally come off on your hands.

To read the complete poured icing instructions, please see my original post here (there is a lot of information, and tips that work well for cakes, be sure to read it!)

When you have a thick enough layer of frosting, we need to let it set for at least an hour. This allows you to be able to touch the frosting without it getting all over your hands and makes it easier for the gel pens to go on.

When the icing is set, its time to start decorating!

I added lots of dots, swirls, lines, hearts and other fun designs using red, yellow, blue and green Wilton gel icings. The more decor, the better! People celebrating Dia De Los Muertos decorate skulls as an honor to deceased loved ones… so bring on the color and designs!

di de los muertos confetti cakes

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Pinata Dia De Los Muertos Cakes- these are actually really easy to make, and have sprinkles and candy in the middle when you break it open!

make your own Dia De Los Muertos Confetti Cakes- this is an awesome tutorial that actually looks easy!

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