Fort Collins Downtown Lights

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Fort Collins Colorado- my favorite at Christmas!

We’re so blessed to live in such a beautiful place- I have lived in 6 states, and have never been as in love with anywhere as I am with Colorado. We live in Northern Colorado, about 45 minutes north of Denver (and 40 minutes from Cheyenne, Wyoming). One of my favorite places here is Fort Collins- the charming town home to my alma mater Colorado State University. We recently headed up to enjoy the annual downtown holiday lights, and I had to share some quick snaps with you! It is so charming and magical at Christmas- if you’re in Colorado, you MUST head up to Fort Collins during the Christmas season!

I don’t know when the lights started (I do know when I was at Colorado State from 2001-2004 they did not do these lights or I would have been downtown every night), but they are phenomenal.

It’s well worth the 20 minute drive from our house to head up for an early dinner and stroll along old town square, as well as up and down College. We like to pop into shops (we always hit the cupboard to browse their specialty food tools and appliances, as well as pick up delicious candies and gourmet coffees), run through the square, eat ice cream and grab dinner.

fort collins - the cutest town at Christmas! Disney's main street was actually made to look like Fort Collins!

Since not all of the leaves had fallen off the trees just yet, we were treated to a beautiful glowing display of yellow leaves outside of Ben & Jerry’s. It may have only been 48 degrees, but my true blue Colorado babies insisted we eat ice cream- even choosing to sit outside so we could listen to someone playing one of the numerous painted pianos the town has placed around town as an installation.

fort collins - the cutest town at Christmas~!

Fort collins christmas

Fort Collins is one of my favorite places during the holidays- if you live in the Denver area it is totally worth the drive! Be sure to spring for a carriage ride (reserve it in advance to be sure you can get in), or take time to stroll up and down the streets!

Fort collins christmas lights

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