Wroclaw Christmas Market

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The Wroclaw Christmas Market is Poland’s largest Christmas Market, in Wroclaw’s candy colored old town square. It is a must-visit on your Christmas Market list! 

While in Poland recently with some friends to visit Christmas Markets (amongst other fabulous sights), we weren’t even supposed to visit Wroclaw- but I had heard from some friends how gorgeous the town was, and when the Lufthansa strike slightly changed our travel plans (I had to rent a car and drive to Krakow from Frankfurt instead of flying in directly) I begged my friends to let me take them through Wroclaw!

And man…. we were SO lucky for the weird misfortunes. On our way to the amazingly gorgeous Ksiaz Castle, we stopped to visit Wroclaw – and headed back on our last day in Poland to visit once more because we loved it SO much!

I could have spent our whole trip in Wroclaw – I was seriously so obsessed. I will be sharing more about the city later, and the amazing surroundings – but today I’m excited to share the most joyous part of Wroclaw – the Christmas Market!

Delicious Market Food Finds

There are tons of delicious foods at the Wroclaw Christmas Market – you can easily eat your way through the stalls of grilled meats, artisan charcuterie, Polish cheeses, candies, gingerbreads, breads, fresh pastries, and delicious Chimney Cakes – I could eat there every day during advent if I lived in Wroclaw!

Churros- This churro moose was one of my favorite finds at the market. I sadly didn’t get a picture of them (we were hangry and DEVOURED them at an insane pace—) but they were light, crispy, and delicious!

They were small churros (think more funnel cake fry shaped), and topped in Nutella. Yea- Poland can do churros. WELL.

Polish Cheese, including Oscypek – 

Poles really know their cheese – especially my absolute favorite, Oscypek! You can buy it fresh, or order it up grilled over a charcoal fire at numerous stands in the market.

Polish Chimney Cakes – Kurtoskalacs- are so incredibly delicious! The fresh baked cakes can be topped with a large variety of toppings, but I couldn’t resist the sprinkle variety.

Grilled Sausages and Kebabs – tons of meats can be ordered up throughout the market – including traditional Polska Kielbasa. Trust me – when you’re in Poland, you do NOT want to skip the grilled sausage!!

Gingerbread – delicious, beautiful gingerbreads – most of which are intricately designed – are so tasty. Don’t skip this famous treat at a market!

Grilled Bread with Lard and toppings –  

There are numerous ways to top the delicious fresh grilled bread slices you’ll find at Polish Christmas markets – but a garlicky lard spread is the most traditional (and totally delicious.) Add grilled onions, kielbasa, and pickles for an ultimate indulgence!

Children’s Fairy Land

There are tons of rides, attractions, and intrigues for kids at the Wroclaw Christmas Market.

Inside the market is a Children’s land – full of arcade games, vignettes of Christmas scenes, amusements, and even a small roller coaster!

I wish my kids were with me at the market to experience the Children’s land – it was so much fun and really made kids feel like magic.

I want to take them back to Wroclaw next year to experience the market so badly – especially the super fun kids land! (And hello- these inflatable snow globes you can PLAY in!!! SO COOL.)

The entire fairytale area sits underneath the Wroclaw Town Hall’s Astronomical Clock – giving a wonderfully bright, whimsical feel.

Grzaniec Stands

The Mulled Wine (Grzaniec in Polish) stands at the Wroclaw Christmas market are a destination unto themselves – they are massive installations with whimsical elements and inside are large bars serving up mulled cider and mulled wine!

At the entrance to the Christmas Market on one side (next to the giant tree) there is even one with a heated upstairs you can drink grzaniec in – with tables and plenty of room to hang out and people watch!

Hot tip: It is 10 zloty for a mug deposit, buy it and you get cheaper refills! Plus it’s a different mug every year, so you get a little souvenir.

What to Buy

Candy – Wroclaw’s market has tons of brightly colored candy that makes a perfect gift for kids!!

Polish Pottery

There are so many amazing Polish pottery designs (just like at the Krakow Christmas Market) to choose from – but I especially love the Christmas designs. They are so pretty and whimsical! Plus you can buy it for a fraction of the price in Poland than you can in the United States or the UK.

Hats, Gloves, Scarves 

There are tons of cool hats, gloves, and scarves at the Wroclaw Market – and a perfect price!

Chocolate Tools

These tools were also at the Krakow Christmas market and are even more stunning in person. They look just like rusted metal – but are 100% chocolate! They are a perfect gift for someone who loves unique finds.

Where to Stay

Sofitel Wroclaw

We loved staying at the Sofitel – It was very nice, fully outfitted, and very comfortable – and less than $100(USD) a night for a luxury room! It was also very close to the market and provided perfect parking for under 2o Zloty a night.

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  1. Eva Hammmond says:

    When is the best time to go here,what month?

    1. Courtney ODell says:

      Eva – I went in the very beginning of December, which is the best time to see Christmas markets (they are open from the end of November to the 22-26 of December, depending on the location.) But as far as weather, summer is probably the most popular and also the most crowded. I went to Poland in April and it was a bit chilly – I’ve heard May is perfect (not too hot, not too many tourists, flowers have just popped open) but it all sort of depends if you dont mind rain, or want warm!