Cruising the West Coast with Royal Princess

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Cruising the west coast with Royal Princess. West Coast sailings have never been better – The Royal Princess starts new itineraries through Mexico, California, Canada, and Alaska as it begins new West coast sailings.

This post is sponsored by Princess Cruises. All opinions are my own. I love sharing brands I love with readers – and Princess Cruises is one of my favorite travel partners! They make vacationing so easy, fun, and full of flavor! 

I’m going to outline what to expect on a cruise with Princess Cruises on America’s west coast – as well as what to expect from my favorite Princess Cruises Ship – the Royal Princess. 

I’ll cover what the food is like on Royal Princess, what the relaxation is like – what the rooms are like on ship – and what you won’t want to miss. 

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Mazatlan, Mexico from the Ruby Princess

Cruising the West Coast With Royal Princess

The Royal Princess is coming to America’s West Coast – and we’re spilling all about Princess Cruises and their itineraries, plus what to expect from the Royal Princess ship! 

The Royal Princess is one of Princess Cruises most luxurious new ships – and sets the bar high for impeccable service, friendly staff, cozy interiors, and a fun and exciting cruise program that always has fun offerings for guests – both at port and at sea! 



Cabins on the Royal Princess

Understandably, rooms are one of the biggest concerns for cruisers. 

Since so much of a cruise is experienced from your state room – it’s important to know you will be relaxed, cozy, and pampered – let alone comfortable! 

One of the reasons I love the Royal Princess is the feel of the ship – the staterooms are efficient, very comfortable (the beds are great, even after 14 day treks!), updated, and feel sleek, modern, and luxurious. 

Princess has a commitment to helping improve guests sleep habits – the Sleep by Princess bags contain eye masks, soothing shower gel, relaxing lavender bed spray, and other goodies and tips to help encourage a healthy sleep routine at sea. 

There are even room service meals crafted specially to promote a good nights sleep, and a sleep channel that plays soothing music and sounds to lull you to peaceful sleep at night. 



Can’t Miss Experiences on the Royal Princess

The Royal Princess is a huge ship – with a ton of fabulous experiences to offer. 

I am running through my favorite things to do on the Royal Princess: 

-Take in a show.


We were lucky enough to snag spots at the Secret Silk, Princess’ newest show that is full of popular hits woven into a warm story about love and greed featuring puppets from Jim Henson! 

– Set up a wine tasting experience in the Vines Bar. 


Food on the Royal Princess

Cruise food doesn’t always get the highest praise – but I truly love dining on board Princess ships – and the Royal is no exception. 



From gourmet to on-the-go pizza that is drool-worthy, to a decadent steak house, to a chef’s table experience that is absolutely jaw-dropping and lots of extras like wine tastings, gourmet coffee drinks, and gelato – the Royal Princess has so many delicious things to eat and drink on board. 

One of my favorite meals is one of the most simple – there is nothing like grabbing pizza to go along with a margarita on the top deck – the New York style pizza is thin, delicious, and packed with cheese. 

And the outrigger bar margaritas are to die for! 



The Chef’s Table Lumiere is a breathtakingly beautiful dinner – a gorgeous table with an impeccable light display in the middle of the table and the entire room is bathed in a curtain of light, giving a fun and private experience that is the highlight of any cruise. 



While dinner ends at the chef’s table, the action starts as a tour through the ship’s galley – which is an amazing experience to take in. 

Diners get to tour through the galley, seeing how meals are made with minimal waste and maximum hygiene. 

The galley is spotless and impeccably organized – you can seriously eat off the floors it is so spotless. 

After a brief tour and insights into the inner workings of the kitchen with the head chef and maitre ‘d of the ship, guests nibble on special creations you won’t find on any menu – and take in tons of champagne, small bites, and appetizers. 



Chef’s Table Lumiere is a can’t miss on any Royal Princess cruise! 



Relaxing on the Royal Princess

The Royal Princess has a fabulous spa, the Lotus Spa, on board – offering amazingly relaxing massages, beauty treatments, and facials. 

One of my favorite ways to relax on the Royal Princess is to head to the Sanctuary – the adults-only plush deck that is perfect for scenic cruising days, sunbathing with a book, or cozying up with a blanket on cooler days at sea. 

The Sanctuary has a spa menu and is staffed with staff always ready to fill up spa water, bring cottage cheese dip, and smoothies.


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Cruising the West Coast with Princess

Princess Cruises offers more exclusive, unique, and engaging programming in port – including Discovery Channel Exclusives, local connection culinary classes, and lots of adventurous fun. 

Don’t miss: 


-Find Discovery Channel Exclusives. 

Princess has partnered with the Discovery Channel to provide a ton of high quality, engaging, and interesting content that helps you learn more about the location you’re visiting. 

There is a wide variety of Discovery Channel offerings – but my favorite are cultural highlights (if you’re a museum or monument fan, you will LOVE many of the Discovery Channel offerings with Princess in port) to get a rich, interactive way to absorb the history of an area I’m touring. 

-Find Local Cuisine Highlights

Princess offers lots of ways to take in your port from a plate – and some of the best excursions offered in port bring local flavors directly to you – with hands-on workshops, tasting opportunities – even the chance to make a meal in a local’s home. 



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