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While Ireland is not typically known for their food we ate WELL in Dublin, see more below!

What to eat in Dublin

What We Ate in Dublin

Dublin is full of delicious, unique food – Irish favorites, new trendy picks, and delicious farm-fresh comforts ready to be discovered. From British-style takes on Indian food, standard pub fare, and plentiful chip shops to trendy sweets and fusion fare there is so much food to discover in Dublin!

As we were staying in the quite rowdy Temple Bar area of Dublin, we really didn’t get to experience the best Dublin had to offer, because it was a bit awkward with my very young kids (ages 6 &4.) So many tourists flock to Temple Bar for rowdy, super drunk antics (which isn’t unappealing to me on a whole, but with my kids it was a bit much) so we ended up eating more than our fair share of take-out and fast-casual in Dublin.

If you aren’t touring with kids (who were also intensely exhausted after we schlepped them all over the city each day), you might be able to take in more of Dublin’s gorgeous farm-to-table upscale cuisine and uniquely rowdy pubs full of delicious food.

Next time I am headed to Dublin I’d love to book a big flat close to St. Stephen’s Green, away from the drunken crowds and closer to the unique trendy restaurants, and definitely have a babysitter on hand for the entire time!

Despite ordering up many of our meals to-go and enjoying them from our rented apartment, we had amazingly delicious food in Dublin.

The Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

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37 Dawson

The King Prawn and Black Mussel Linguine at @37dawsonstreet was divine- incredibly fresh, tangy, a touch spicy. The rest of the family hit up the brunch menu for their meals: Luke loved his Breakfast platter, and the kids flipped for their American Hotcakes! The decor was really fun without being tacky, and the couch seating was just what we needed before heading out for some afternoon sun in St Stephens Green! If you’re in Dublin and looking for something fun and quirky, but less cheesy touristy, definitely head to 37 Dawson!!! I wish we could head back for more…. ? #sweetcs #Ireland #lovedublin #dublin #eats #food #foodie #foodgram #foodblogger #instagood #foodporn #seafood #travel #travelblogger #traveleats #wanderlust #explore #wander #discover @tourismireland @visitdublin #yum #getinmybelly

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When tea comes with a disco ball unicorn…. Loved 37 Dawson Street, one of the best meals I’ve had in Ireland! #sweetcs #trip #travel #tourism #instagood #vacation #dublin #ireland #travelblog #travelblogger #wanderlust #lovedublin #discoverireland #pretty #discoball #unicorn

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Tea at 37 Dawson, Dublin

Auniger Danger Doughnuts

Aungier Danger doughnuts and deli, Dublin

Doughnuts might not be what you think of eating in Dublin- but you should! Aungier Danger, on Dublin’s very trendy Aungier street- a food destination in it’s own right- has incredibly unique and fun doughnuts and a legendary doughnut soft serve cone (The Danger Cone, which was sadly not available the day I stopped in).

Doughnuts from Auigner Danger, Dublin Ireland

Funny enough, I should’ve taken note of the art in @aungierdanger – right after purchasing one of each doughnut they had on display (which I was delivering to my kids and husband, happily playing in St. Stephens Green) I tripped on a wobbly bit of road, flew through the air (possibly in the middle of someone’s wedding photos) and fell flat on my wrist, knee, and the box of goodies I was carrying. Luckily a few could be saved and I’m back at our apartment nursing my scrapes and very bruised ego with some of the BEST doughnuts I’ve ever had in my life. Not too sweet, tons of rich yeasty flavor, really creative toppings and fillings make Aungier Danger a huge MUST EAT for me in Dublin! (Just mind the road, people. It’ll get ya.) #sweetcs #travel #travelblogger #food #foodie #foodblogger #doughnuts #wanderlust #explore #tourism #lovedublin #dublin #discoverdublin #foodgram #aungierdanger #yum #instayun #foodgasm #? #fatgirlproblems

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Of all the places we visited in Dublin, I was the most excited to visit Aungier Danger.

I had heard a ton of buzz about a quirky doughnut shop on Aungier Street (where I need to spend more time next time I am in Dublin).

Since my kids were happily playing at the park at St. Stephen’s Green, I decided I’d pop over to Aungier Danger and bring back a surprise feast of doughnuts we’d all picturesquely munch from the stately park surroundings.


I ordered up a ton of doughnuts, and happily strolled back to the park until tragedy struck – and I went flying through the air – through a wedding party’s photo (no joke, I am sure they are giggling looking through their portrait session proofs seeing an American and her doughnuts flying through the air- their photographer came to my rescue and the groom helped me pick up all my stuff that flew out of my purse)- and came crashing down on the asphalt on top of all the doughnuts I was bringing the kids.

I’m not going to lie- I’ve been known for breaking phones, and my iPhone (which flew the furthest of anything) was the least of my worries- I was solely focused on these bad boys: (the phone was thankfully unscathed)


Thankfully, it didn’t matter much – we still got a delicious doughnut feast after our lovely taxi driver swept us back home and I got all cleaned up.

Next time I’m in Dublin, I’m heading straight to Auinger Danger in my sturdiest pair of shoes and ordering up as many doughnuts as I can (safely) carry.

They are so delicious!

Must try: Banoffee, Crime Scene, Double O, Jam, Dublin Death Trap. 

Queen Of Tarts

While we didn’t love our apartment in Temple Bar, we did really love the location when it came to the proximity to tons of delicious food!

While walking down to Trinity one morning, we passed by Queen of Tarts, and swore we’d stop back in later. I am so glad we did – it is not only packed to the rafters with adorable tea memorabilia and cozy decor – but they make some of the prettiest and most delicious sweets and treats ever. I picked up a Victoria Sponge (my husband’s all-time favorite), some macaroons for my kids, and some pastries for my cousin and I.


My dad grabbed some macarons for my mom which they wrapped up in an adorable blue box with red twine – it was a lovely little tea treat! I’d happily accept any gifts from Queen of Tarts- I am just sad I didn’t buy myself one of their adorable mugs to take home. I really loved everything about Queen of Tarts!

I’ll take one of everything, please! Treaties and tea at Queen of Tarts, Temple Bar. @queenoftartsdub #sweetcs #travel #trip #food #foodie #foodgram #foodgasm #travelblog #travelblogger #instagood #tea #dessert #bakery #dublin #ireland #visitireland #visitdublin #templebar @tourismireland @visitdublin #tipsgroup #pretty #feedfeed #forkyeah #foodandwine #foodwinewomen

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Must order: victoria sponge, cookies, macarons, pear and chocolate torte, tea, espresso drinks, pie… basically anything you see.

The Bakery8 Essex St W, Dublin, Ireland

This Temple Bar spot is unassuming – blink as you walk by, and you’ll miss it. An ever-rotating selection of delectable treats is not to be missed – turkey and cheese stuffed croissants or rolls, meat pies, doughnuts, as well as cookies, cakes, and bagels. Great espresso drinks, too. I didn’t take any photos from our morning ventures to the Bakery, but don’t let that fool you – it was exceptionally delicious and a must-stop, especially after a long night out in Temple Bar!

Take note – they are strictly cash-only. Must order: meat pastries, cheese and ham croissant, muffins, bagels, doughnuts. 

Leo Burdocks

Chippys (take-out fish and chip joints) are fairly synonymous with Irish cuisine – and in Dublin, the oldest chippy is Leo Burdocks.

You can tell why they are still in favor – fresh fish, a perfect batter, and delicious chips make Leo’s a must-visit when in Dublin.

Fish and Chips from Leo Burdocks, Dublin

My cousin, my husband, and I let our curiosity get the better of us, and also tried out their fried sausages and fried hamburgers. The former was excellent – a perfectly spiced sausage in a light, flaky crust that would soak up even the booziest nights out on the cobblestones.

Deep Fried Sausage and Hamburger from Leo Burdocks, Dublin

The fried hamburger was a bit more complex- I wasn’t quite sure whether I should applaud the greasy monstrosity or shudder. It tasted a bit like cheap dumpling meat in fish batter – which I think I needed to be a couple more beers in to fully appreciate.

Must order: Lemon sole, haddock, crispy bits.

Siri  (we had takeout) 


Our first night in Dublin, we were exhausted from driving up from Cork and stopping at Cashel and Kildare, and just wanted good food, fast- and didn’t want to jinx our good luck with our kids behavior at a restaurant, even though we were absolutely starving.

By chance, we decided on takeout from Siri, just up the street from where we stayed, that my husband picked up and brought back to our rented apartment (along with some cider from the Spar next door)- and it was a spectacular hit.

Siri has beautiful Indian food with generous portions and plenty of flavor – and even as takeout, it was marvelous and still beautiful.

If we had stayed in Dublin another day, we would have headed in to Siri for at least one more meal!

Must order: garlic naan, chicken jalfrezi, lamb tikka.

Wagamama (we had take-out)

The first time I had Wagamama was in Brisbane Australia – the fast-casual British-based Japanese spot is a great quick and inexpensive pleaser.

It isn’t crazy posh or unique- but it was absolutely perfect after a looooong day walking cobblestone streets (and me recovering from the Doughnut fall- I had a massively swollen and painful knee and didn’t want to have to walk anywhere) when we needed speedy delivery. We used Deliveroo (a bike messenger service in Dublin) as our delivery option- which seriously saved us big time! Wagamama is delicious and inexpensive, making it a great choice when you need filling food, fast and don’t want greasy takeout!

I suffer from RA, and taking a big fall like that is really hard for me to recover from- and I was really upset we wouldn’t have a chance to hit up any other uniquely Dublin restaurants. I felt so much better after our tasty take-out – which was delicious, gorgeous, and really well plated considering it came via bike messenger in plastic tubs!


The Beef Donburi was colorful and delicious- I love the cabbage and lettuce adding bright fun colors to the dish.


Pork Ramen was absolutely divine with a lovely salty broth and bright veggie flavors.


The Firecracker Prawn is gorgeous and FULL of flavor. I always complain that dishes aren’t spicy enough, but this really delivered with the heat (without being so hot my husband wouldn’t eat it)!


I might have tried to sneak way more than my portion of the greens- I could have eaten a whole giant tub full. So delicious!


The duck gyoza was a big hit with everyone!

The Temple Bar

Temple Bar, on a whole, is a rowdy, showy affair full of things to see (and hear, at all hours of the night.)

Some of Temple Bar is overly touristy, and The Temple Bar is most certainly geared towards Guinness-loving Americans… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good.

black pudding at the temple bar, ireland

Excellent sandwiches and chips, a great pint, and a fry up that my husband still dreams about made this a star. The pub didn’t flinch when we brought our (very young) kids in, and while they didn’t have a menu specifically for them, they had plenty of options even picky kids were enthusiastic about eating.

There was fun live music even early in the morning, separate smoking areas (with very ample fans – we sat right next to a smoking area and had zero issues), and lots of kitschy memorabilia.

Teeling Distillery

When my husband and I honeymooned, we we made our own trip around Scotland, tasting our way from distillery to distillery (which goes a pretty long way to explain why we were surprised with a baby boy nine months after our honeymoon, but I digress…) so it was a bit weird to head to a distillery in Ireland and not go to drink whiskey. We picked up some bottles at Teeling (it was hot and we just weren’t in the mood for whiskey that morning, which is a rarity), but we were starving.

Teeling has a super-cute cafe on site, with a couple pre-made meals that are delicious and taste homemade – perfect for a quick nibble at tea.


Unfortunately, as was the case with more than a few places serving traditional Irish/British fare, I was super limited in my choices since I am allergic to mustard (and most of Teeling’s meals are made in the morning so they can serve quickly through the day.) Thankfully, they had a meat pie that was blissfully mustard free- and incredibly delicious. It was honest-to-God one of the tastiest steak and Guinness pies I had in Ireland.

Who’d have guessed?

My family all loved their sandwiches (slathered in mustard, the lot of them) as well. It was a perfect quick spot along our self-styled tour route, and gave us plenty of energy to continue on to Guinness!


Old StoreHouse

Temple Bar is PACKED with rowdy pubs serving traditional Irish fare at all times of day – but we had one person we talked to recommend Old Storehouse as one to check out as his top pick for beef and Guinness stew (we did really have something beef and Guinness almost every day, looking back…). Since my parents were watching my kids at their hotel in Dublin’s financial district that night, my cousin, my husband, and I decided to stroll around Temple Bar and take in some great pub food in a bit of a louder setting than we had gone for when my kids were in tow (while you can bring kids into pubs in Temple Bar without so much as anyone flinching, it is very loud and can be very rowdy.

I was fine bringing them all over Ireland wherever we went- which was often to pubs- but in Temple Bar it seemed a bit overboard as there are so so so many rowdy tourists just looking to get crazy drunk there- which isn’t really the environment I love for my six and four year olds.)


The bar was pretty packed, but we got a table right away near the band who was a lot of fun to listen to and a great way to get us in the mood for a night in Temple Bar!

steak and guinness stew, old storehouse, dublin

We ordered up the Guinness and Beef Stew (all three of us – what can I say, we’re suckers for a good beef and stout stew!) as well as some fresh crab claws.

The food came fast and was really delicious – and the people watching was pretty great as we listened to a super fun band. I could spend a lot of time just drinking and hanging out with friends at the Old Storehouse!

Darkey Kelley’s 

We didn’t eat anything at Darkey Kelley’s, but I can most certainly vouch for their gin and tonics.

Well- I should edit that- I can vouch for the Gunpowder Gin and Tonic (made with Gunpowder Gin, natch). Just to be sure I *really* liked them, I tasted a few. You know- for research!

Gin and tonic, Darkey Kelley's, Dublin

My cousin and I had a few a piece, and hung out in Darkey Kelley’s fabulous outdoor courtyard. It was a very relaxed non-touristy atmosphere right across from Christchurch Cathedral and seriously served one of the best Gin and Tonics I’ve ever had. I highly recommend stopping in for one (or three!)


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